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The newest class of hype surrounding Black Desert is the Dark Knight.

An elf surrounded in mysterious dark forbidden magic within the lore of the game who hails from the Kamasylvia region. The Dark Knight wields a great knife as their starting weapon, the Kriegsmesser.

The class itself lends to melee at first but in release shots and footage of the KR version she eventually becomes a ranged class when she obtains her awakening in a future update.

Many of the feats the Dark Knight possesses is strong AoE attacks and phasing in and out of combat with some ranged attacks. Most of the ranged attacks you'll utilize during PvP rather than PvE.

Her strongest assault is Lunacy of Vedir where she simply drops her sword into the floor causing massive damage to enemies around and knocking them down while having a 100% critical hit chance.

The class itself is also very powerful pre-awakened but in PvP cases I've found the experience to be more of a hybrid of range and melee combat with the class with trying to catch an enemy with Shadow Bullet, Obsidian Ashes, sniping your enemy with an Air Strike or Unveiled Dagger lunge stab.

Most of which are difficult to land to begin with due to these particular mentioned attacks are more singular target than an AoE attack.

The attack skills I've picked up are:
Sudden Attack
Scarring Slash
Unveiled Dagger

Air Strike

Enforcement & Termination

Lunacy of Vedir
Wheel of Fortune
Pervasive Darkness
Slanted Balance

Hidden Strike
Ravage Rake

Your defense & passive techniques Smoky Haze and Dusk and Spirit Combustion should be learned immediately to help survival and restoration.
These techniques are the ones I utilize the most in every situation.
Other things I picked up later were:
Kamasylvia Slash
Imperious Command
Shadow Bullet
Obsidian Ashes

The later techniques were more aligned with PvP except for Kamasylvia slash which could still help with clearing things in both situations though I didn't utilize it as much due to long cooldowns and a charge up time.
Many others chided in suggesting to utilize Corrupt Ground but I found the technique rather slow and ineffective in comparison to Enforcement & Termination.

Enforcement & Termination vs. Corrupt Ground
The reasons for taking Enforcement & Termination over Corrupt Ground was that Enforcement was quick to perform, does MORE damage(if you account for what it does) on average compared to Corrupt Ground, and has a shorter cooldown so it can be used 4-5 times more often compared to Corrupt Ground. (5s vs. 28-22s)

Enforcement & Termination is effectively 641 x 2 hits & 641 x 3 hits, one with a 35% critical hit chance and the other with 20% critical hit chance and with a 3% accuracy bonus over Corrupt Ground. Both attacks can perform Down Attack(bonus 50% damage on knocked down foes) except one animates faster and is performed more instantaneous than the other.

So your damage output is 641 x 5(35% & 20% inherent critical) vs. 795 x 6(no critical). The attacks are about 0.7seconds to perform vs. 2.2 seconds. The critical hit rate that enforcement possesses is the selling point and with Critical Hit Level 5(+20% critrate) on top of it you're looking at 55% and 40% whereas Corrupt Ground would only get 20%. Including skill awakening buffs you can possibly yield 75% and 60% vs 40%.

HP and MP recovery shouldn't be the selling point to use Corrupt Ground either as spamming Scarring Slash 1 hit into a Pervasive Darkness & Sudden attack initiate should regenerate enough MP for you to go on forever along with Dusk sidestep regeneration on top of adding a -10DP buff on your enemy and causing 2 forms of bleeding from unveiled dagger and scarring slash.

With proper skill awakenings increasing crit rate and causing other damage over time debuffs these attack rotations would cause much more havoc compared to utilizing Corrupt Ground and be on a short cooldown so you can infinitely rotate between them, you'll also be more fluid in general in movement and attack pattern.

When you reach the stage where you have enough skill points for Imperious Command & Kamasylvia slash, Enforcement will leave Marks on target which grant a bonus single 735% damage hit on the marked target when the Marks explode, thus making Enforcement & Termination even more enticing to use more frequently. Kamasylvia Slash and Corrupt Ground are the only two ways to detonate the Marks other than pressing E to trigger them manually.

One of the secrets of the attacks Flow:Ravage Rake can also be activated immediately after a Sudden Attack and is a massive 270 degree frontal swing. Ravage Rake is mainly used against PvE targets for group wiping, if utilized on players try and make use of its Knockback Effect then pull into an Air Strike to launch your target and follow through with a Lunacy of Vedir for extra down attack damage and a huge burst of damage.

Vedir's Dogma is a toggled buff on the attacks Sudden Attack, Scarring Slash which increases their damage output by 20%. It's a fair chunk where it makes those attacks viable for anything. Without it on, the two aforementioned attacks are somewhat mediocre in damage.

Overall the Dark Knight is a fairly speedy class(starts off slow though) with a hybrid of ranged and melee combat which will further be enforced when her Awakening arrives of dual floating swords and a higher focus on ranged capabilities.

Here's a video depicting higher leveled preawakening gameplay of the class for those curious and I hope this helped you out!

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