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Black Desert has launched for nearly a month now, while the game is massive it can be daunting to any new player. Through my journey these are the areas I remembered the most from beginning to level 45 and beyond depicted in the images below and in the video.

While this looks messy af, if you've gone through to try and check out most of the game that's what your map will look like minus the words and colored lines when you're nearing level 50.

During the first 2 weeks or so I see a lot of familiar questions of : "How do I tame a horse?" "How do I get gathering tools?" "I've ran out of quests I'm only level 15!" and lots of questions along these lines while it's died down or those players simply left because the amount of information and things to do can be intimidating it isn't actually all that daunting.

While many of these questions are valid, Black Desert isn't a themepark MMO(Go to Point A do this finish at Point B go to Point C etc.) which is probably what most of the MMO crowd is used to for the past 5+ years. Personally for me I think this is what MMOs should've been striving to be and striving to improve for the past decade but haven't because bizniz and themepark cycling of $. This doesn't mean I don't play themepark MMOs okay, it just means I dislike them and seems to have served no purpose but change every MMO to be an "endgame only matters" game and if that were the case why not just set the player there to begin with? Right?

The fact that Black Desert came and is being different doesn't mean it should be changed into a themepark mess.
And because of that there isn't much handholding to begin with in Black Desert like most themepark MMOs. People said things like "the game needs a tutorial for how to do all these things" That's true too, but the thing is... The tutorial is in the game. There's about a billion quests if you just talk to the NPCs when you reach the second town Velia

and a trillion more when you reach Heidel

or Calpheon.

Trust me I went into this game completely blind without any experience from the other versions or any guides and I seem to be doing very well for a first timer albeit with crap aptitude at PvPing other players that are trying to randomly PK me(which is something you should expect in this game when you reach level 45+, you're not in this game to hold hands. Join a guild and head to war or band together with friends.)

While this is just a path guide don't take it as an absolute way to go about it. This is incase you're a little lost and coudln't find anymore quests, I barely did any grinding in my playthrough from 1-45+. Also note THIS world unlock is shared across your account and your alternate characters. So what you unlock in knowledge also applies to your other chars so you don't have to redo all this on a different character except the main story quests and probably the Black Spirit quests.

Do know that there aren't level restrictions on equipment.

I only ended up grinding at level 48-50 which literally took 2 hours. Gaining character levels is literally the EASIEST thing to do in this game.

Getting your gear, skill points grinded out, knowledge/energy cap, contribution, world connections, silver generation farms, fish, horse breeding and alchemic recipes while obtaining monster data is some of hardest things to do with the danger of surviving against other players in the open world to name a FEW.

There are of course problems in the game I'm not just going to be lopsided about the game being good in my perspective there are things in the game that annoy the sh*t out of me too such as unable to sell things to an NPC when you have full inventory or too heavy on weight limit, the former making no sense at all since I'm subtracting an item from my inventory but the NPC won't take it since my inventory is full... There are other problems also to do with attack transparency and skills but I think that can be learned overtime or they could fine tune that in later updates. I still have no idea how DP(Defense Power) is calculated against AP(Attack Power), there are also different attack types, melee, ranged and magic but that'll be another article when I figure it out. I'm almost certain Damage Reduction is much stronger than having DP.

Anyways this is the general path in which each area depicts, but by the time you hit 50+ the game has quests everywhere in your spawn town, Olvia, more quests in Velia sending you to the northwest area; Cron's Castle. Serendia Shrine to name another, Trent Forest where Cyclops... are... big. It's good, the game makes use of all the places even when you reach 50+ so even old areas aren't abandoned. There are a number of minigames within Black Desert too but that'll be another time.

If you say you don't have anything else to do in the game I'll call you a liar and challenge you to provide a screenshot of every knowledge on all monsters and trade items at S rank, have the entire world connected, max energy cap, +15 all gear and beyond in its Ultimate version and +5 and higher blue-named accessories(since those are nigh impossible to upgrade), and 100% quests done on all areas of the game and have every Combat, World, Life Type and Fishing Type titles unlocked to 100%, with all your professions at Artisan or Master level, have all the Stables you can have chock-full of horses breeding, a drifting sprintable horse, all your skills maxed out, a residence made for an overlord and and then I'll believe that you don't have anything else to do. (I don't think you want to accept this challenge because even I don't want to.)

Anyways thanks for reading and watching I hope this helped you out and provided a bit of insight to the game~
As always comments are welcome please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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