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Lime Odyssey: Gameplay Guide and FAQ

I originally wrote this FAQ for the Aeria Games Lime Odyssey official forums.


My data was collected from the KR LO wiki, playing the KR version of LO, and participating in the NA beta. Any of this could change between versions or change in time, but where's the fun when you don't have speculation?


Q: Can stat points be distributed?
A: Your battle class does not have points that can be distributed, however your life class does. These stats don't have an effect on your ability to fight. Rather, they effect your crafting and success rates regarding your life class.

Q: Can skill points be reset?
A: Yes! They can be reset an UNLIMITED number of times, each time costing 5 gold until level 20.

Q: How do you get a mount?
A: A mount can be acquired through questing around level 10, or

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Shuu in Lime: UI and Skills


Clerics have quite a few skills, but will be mostly identical early on as far as the skill-tree goes. Either the training tree or the healing tree can be chosen, but my advice is to stick with ONE tree. Future skills pre-require a certain amount of points to be spent in a specific tree.

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Shuu in Lime: Harvesting Quests, etc

Here we check out the harvesting content of Lime Odyssey. When making a character, you can select both a battle class and a life class. The life class can be leveled up to be able to craft better and better things. Harvesting will be a neccessary skill to gather ingredients for the recipes.


Tip! Harvesting certain items also gives you a rare chance to obtain certain cards. Cards can be added to slotted equipment, resulting in additional stats!

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Shuu in Lime: First Look/Quest Intro

Here's a first look at the KR version of Lime Odyssey.  I'm playing a human cleric. In this video, we check out the human starting area as well as the quest system. 
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