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There is no doubt that Old School RuneScape Mobile is the revivification of the version of RuneScape most hardcore players recall from memory. While the main MMO proceeds with the routine development, the Old School version remains the same as the classic edition of the game, with old pixel graphics, restricted customization, and incredibly limited controls. Which makes it rather ideal for mobile. 

No need to point out that the graphics are still inferior, even as far as mobile games go, and the text with skimpy size is less easy to be read on a cellphone. However, the game has the right blend of simplicity and nostalgia that makes it a perfect candidate for mobile platforms.

The mobile version is obviously untouched by the mainstream RuneScape version apart from a few different controls, which have been simplified to touch gestures and taps, which means that Old School RuneScape still inherit the same faults it always owned. For better or worse, Old School RuneScape Mobile is the same exact game you remember, just more portable, and with some bug fixes thrown in for kicks. 

However, there is a bonus on the OSRS mobile: since Old School is the format adopted by the Deadman Tournament, it's apparently reasonable to access all the practice you need for the tournament on mobile now. Even sharing the same old PC account on mobile is optional now. 

As a matter of fact, there's a chance you are able to use your original RS account, should you still have access to the same email address. Which indicates you could theoretically, pick up right where you left off wack back in the day. 

Old School RuneScape Mobile quickly became the most-downloaded version of RuneScape, and we can see why. It is very much a throwback worth playing at least once.

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