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MapleStory 2 Heavy Gunner most equipped with attributes and technique

Heavy Gunner's status within the present version is extremely high, PVP continues to be the dominance. Inside the tricky PVE, due to the qualities of Heavy Gunner's own expertise, its position in the group has risen rapidly. Generally, every single team which has a difficult Dungeons clearance has a certified Heavy Gunner. So, how you can choose Heavy Gunner's equipment? Let Ezokay offer you a detailed explanation.
Like other professions, Heavy Gunner features a home that needs to meet the regular, that is the hit attribute. Inside the current version, if you need all Boss to not have Miss, the theoretical hit value is 97 points, but it doesn't definitely will need that a lot. When the character level reaches level 56, the talent level will improve by 3 points. In the guild expertise, y
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MapleStory 2 newest Wizard transfer output method and new abilities introduction

MapleStory 2 Mesos
In MapleStory 2, each and every profession might be transferred to acquire a lot more effective new skills. Nowadays, Ezokay is coming and absolutely everyone. Share what new and more potent capabilities will probably be obtainable right after Wizard's transfer, and hope to assist the Wizard players!

Right after finishing the transfer activity, each and every class will receive a new second-turn skill. The most fundamental 1 is definitely the inherent ability from the second turn.
, Wizard's inherent capabilities can enhance our primary attributes, and can automatically get a obtain BUFF even though actively releasing the ability.
One example is, the movement speed is improved by 100%, the magic attack power is increased by 10%, or the SP consumption is reduced by 50%, which increases
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MapleStory 2 Runeblade Chaos Shadow AltarDungeons Raiders

What I shared with you today is that Runeblade has cleared the Raiders of Shadow Altar. Chaotic Shadow Altar is without a doubt a chaotic series at the listing of extra  Dungeons because it calls for fewer conditions, truly all and sundry can receive, even without the orange gadget, Can enter Dungeons.

whilst stepping into the Chaos Shadow Altar, the objects that Runeblade wants to prepare:

1. relatively concentrated syrup
The duration is 20 seconds plus the cooling time is three minutes.
just after use, all attacks trigger a crit impact.
Use Priest’s Holy image collectively with all of the trapped auxiliary magic to maximize DPS.

2. Tin polishing stone
The duration is 10 mins and additionally, the cooling time is 1 minute.

right after use, physical assault energy improved via three

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Satisfactory price to buy Maplestory Mesos,shipping rapid at U4GM.com

MapleStory 2 Mesos

hiya, all people, MapleStory 2 has been officially released, and a few Dungeons have also been officially opened. nowadays U4gm stocks with you approximately Shadow Altar’s customs clearance strategy.
This dungeon can be accessed through up to ten human beings and calls for 6750 points. basically, the weapon is strengthened nine, and the armor is strengthened.

BOSS stands in the center of the poisonous water to draw all of the gamers in the white circle. right now, the Knight within the team is prepared to launch the invincible. After all of the teammates are sucked into the middle, BOSS will handcuff to the player, and Knight will play the public display screen in advance. “Remind your teammates’ own function, pay attention their teammates to launch invincible, and avoid being suffering fro

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