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Server Engineer

A Server Engineer takes the lead in maintaining the server and desktop infrastructure across various locations of an organization to ensure that its users can easily access mission-critical applications. The individual engineer troubleshoots issues at both the server and PC levels.

The engineer suggests improvements to technology and implements them. This individual is responsible for maintaining the overall environment. As the candidates for this position coordinate with clients and partners, besides with technical as well as non-technical people in the organization, they need to have brilliant verbal and written communication skills.

These engineers support technologies, such as Active Directory, DFS, Terminal Servers, Hyper V, Internet Information Server, System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), and file server migrations.

They should be familiar with cloud solutions, virtualization software, such as VMware and Hyper-V, scripting with PowerShell and Ansible, and Citrix XenDeskto

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Hire Freelance WAN Manager

WAN Engineers (Wide Area Network) are the Telecom/IT professionals that set up and maintain wide area networks for *****es that need these networks to operate regularly. Besides designing WAN networks, they spend much time analyzing, testing and evaluating networks to make sure that they run properly and that they have the resources necessary for smooth functioning.

WAN engineers use their expertise in IT to interconnect network systems. They check WAN performance, capacity, security settings, and approvals. Typically, a WAN has at least two LAN’s and covers big geographical areas. Network flow maintenance is important for WAN engineers

WAN engineers are in charge of the smooth operation of networks. They ensure that companies can communicate internally and externally. WAN engineers are very committed to helping those experiencing technical problems. Sometimes, they instruct people on the usage of networks. Below are the duties of WAN engineers.

    Implement wide space networks, netwo

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PC Technician Job Description

A PC technician often referred to as computer technician or PC repair technician is responsible for identifying, troubleshooting and resolving computer issues. They are experienced and knowledgeable professionals with hands-on experience about different tools of repair and maintenance of computer hardware, software and network/Internet issues.

The professionals deal with creating, assembling, installing and maintaining computer systems. The primary role is to address the hardware and software issues. They look into various subjects such as installing new power supplies, upgrading firmware and repairing motherboards in the hardware section, but for the software, they deal with OS troubleshooting/installation, software/application installation, virus scanning/firewall integration and more aspects.

They are usually part of the IT departments or IT service companies. They provide services such as installation, maintenance and support related to internal and external users. It is importan

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Checkpoint Engineer Salary

Checkpoint Engineers are professionals involved with internal and external ***** units of an organization to assess network security issues, recommend design selections, and work with network engineers to implement new firewall deployments from a network and security policy standpoint.

The Checkpoint Engineers helps to access pre-defined reports which help in the analysis of bandwidth usage along with the network security and activity. As we know, the digital platform has increased in many areas. These days, *****es are looking to make sure their networks are secured by professionals like CheckPoint Engineers in association with IT and Telecom engineers. Engineers perform the diagnostic tests for network security to safeguard from malware. Here, the engineers guard your network against attacks by eliminating bugs that are present and protect the network from future cyber-threats.

As per Payscale, on average, a CheckPoint Engineer earns around $108000 per year. Wor

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