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Black Desert Online Remastered is here! Already known for its crisp graphics and dynamic gameplay, Black Desert Online was known as one of the best MMORPGs out there. But today another milestone is marked and with the help of advancing technology, we will get to see a much-loved game revitalized, reorganized... The Remastered version of the game we have come to love.

From one teaser to another, we were given a preview of what is to be expected. And from the visuals alone, I have come to appreciate the games I play even more. "How did they do this?", "How did they come up with this idea?", and just the "How freaking cool is this?" were just a few of the questions that paraded through my mind. It was THAT AWESOME! Sunlight so real that it reflects from the armor or water perfectly. Every small detail in the costumes, every nook and cranny of the places, even the individual blades of grass were rendered with such loving precision.

That's not all the Remastered version had to offer; before the ambient sounds of games were really not a big deal for me, but when I first started watching the teasers I plugged in my speakers for the first time in a long while and listened. And at that moment I thought, "If this is already how good the sounds are, I think I will be waiting for these changes as well as the graphics."

Then the day came when the Remastered update was released... 

Let me tell you that I had never won the lottery or had someone confess their love to me. But I felt true joy back then when I double-clicked on the Black Desert Online icon. All that awesomeness I had seen and heard on the trailers, I will experience it now. I can finally dive into a dazzling new world.

But first, it would test my patience. Of course, this had to happen.

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