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10 most interesting facts about online casino

Man is reckless by nature and this is a fact. Since ancient times, people have come up with all sorts of ways to escape from the gray days and bring into your life the bright moments all kinds of competitions, games and jokes. We decided to tell you about the most interesting facts from the world history today.

Who needs a camel or the first Arab lottery

Until now, researchers are arguing about what kind of gambling to call the very first. After all, in ancient times there were games, although the currency is still not in sight. But there were beautiful shells, stones, dried flowers, beautiful concubines and other "riches". One of the most ancient games is the similarity of the current lottery called "maysir".

The game originated in the Arab 
countries and its rules were as follows: 10 people bought one camel in clubbing. Then it was divided into 7 parts, with the most "tasty" prize was considered a hump, and the most undesirable camel...
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