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Hi Guys, came up with the second episode. SO here i am. Those who has missed our first onr, can click on my avatar and can see all my post right there. First i would like to announce our iOS version launch on apple store. Here is the link, 

http://bit.do/mmoRiseofCivilization       Google Android version is already published. 

The art i am going to post below is exclusively belongs to and property of Rise of Civilization content. Copyrights revered.  

iOS version has same features and functionality except we have added 7 day login reward by inserting a new button on castle screen. :durr:
+ 7 Day login reward ( each day reward could be comprised of Experience, Food and lumber resources,Iron, Stone)
+ Fixed issues for any iOS device including Apple Mini tab and others as well. 

Let me go through you to  our main game features which distinguishes us from other strategy games out in the market. We have been working on this game for 18 months together. 

■ Era change        

Bronze Age >> Ancient Times (Choose East / West) >> Middle Ages (Choose country) >> Renaissance 
            Types of units increase up to 41 as era changes
Rise of Civilization- Era Changes

Chinese Soldiers Costume- Rise of CivilizationRise of Civilization - Army SoldierEgyptian Chariot- Rise of Civilization

■ Special units     

In Rise of Civilization, Each country has their own special units
Common units has 3 skills & special units has 1 additional skill   

Distribution of Special Units-Rise of civilization

■ Country & village hall    

8 countries in total, 4 each in Eastern and Western
Buildings are designed to have a prominent feature of the country
Able to build village hall / statue after selecting a country
Rise of civilization- Countries

Building 1 - Rise of Civilization

Building 2 - Rise of Civilization

■ Relic collection (This is our one of the unique Rise of Civilization's features and have been tremendously acknowledged by gaming community) 

Modified general equipment system to relic collection system to match the civilization theme
- Collect relic pieces and restore relics at the ‘Historic site building’ or obtain relics by attacking other users
- There are 12 unique types of relics for each countries & 24 types of common relics = total 120 relics
- Collect relic pieces >> restore relics (or attack other users) >> enchant relics is the main flow, effective core content of the game
- Able to use contents starting from the beginning of the game (Bronze age, only common relics, since there is no country)

Can obtain relics by attacking other users     Relics- Rise of Civilization


■ Defense facilities (traps)    
Types of defense facilities (traps) increase as era changes

- There are 4 types of traps for each era (Ancient times / Middle age / Renaissance), total 12 types
- Each traps are designed to attack different types of units
- All traps are designed based on actual history - Open traps through research / development

Rise of Civilization- Defence Facilities

Rise of Civilization                              Trap - Rise of civilization

■ Raid   

PVE raid system, battle raid gangs through alliance cooperation

- Rank competition among alliances & various rewards are designed (First-hit / last-hit / rank reward, etc.)
- Raid gang appears on daily based schedule at random locations, approximate location is exposed on map
- Raid gang’s level is initialized at every specific cycle
- Raid system will naturally teach users how to use rally attack

Battle Raid PVP- Rise of Civilization
Raid battle PVP- Rise of civilization

Raid Battle PVP- Rise of Civilization

Rise of Civilization- Elephant warriors

Rise of Civilization- Elephant Archers 
■ Historical heroes (One of our another unique game feature that allow user to use historical Great man skills to expand his empire and establish new research project through them )

Collect & enchant historical heroes of the world
- There are 4 types of heroes, battle / industry / medical / science. Use heroes strategically based on the heroes special effects (active / passive skill) and user’s current situation.
- There will be 20-30 heroes for open spec, will add new heroes through live update
- Collecting and enchanting heroes is a proven fun factor, our game shall also provide it
- Will provide various information (heroes’ remarks, quotes, etc.) based on actual history for intellectual pleasure

Rise of Civilization- Historical Great Men 
Rise of Civilization- Historical Heroes

Thats it for current Episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I would love to know your thoughts. How we can improve it more? Your suggestion, critics , feedback and comments will helps us a lot to make it better for user experience. Have a great day ahead. 


#strategy #slg #mobilegame #android #iOS  

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