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Rise of Civilization, An Online Multiplayer strategy Game, Bring your Buddies together! Episode 3

Hi Guys, here it comes the 3rd Episode of Massive online Strategy Mobile Game Rise of Civilization. In this Episode, i would like to introduce one of the unique and proprietary feature of our game "Seven Wonders of the World". Following are the actual depiction of these wonders in Rise of civilization. I thought MMOSITE amazing community would love this game as it is Multiplayer online strategy mobile game. It not only pay-to-win type Battle games as in the market already. We got a awesome response from different big forum communities. MMOSITE community must give it a try as well. 

Seven Wonders Effects 

In Rise of civilization, each Wonder if captured by any alliance have their unique special effects. Alliance has to construct their desired wonder. Alliance can also attack
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Rise of Civilization, Massive Fun strategy Game, Bring your Buddies together! Episode 2

Rise of Civilization- Era Changes
Hi Guys, came up with the second episode. SO here i am. Those who has missed our first onr, can click on my avatar and can see all my post right there. First i would like to announce our iOS version launch on apple store. Here is the link, 

http://bit.do/mmoRiseofCivilization        Google Android version is already published. 

The art i am going to post below is exclusively belongs to and property of Rise of Civilization content. Copyrights revered.  

iOS version has same features and functionality except we have added 7 day login reward by inserting a new button on castle screen. :durr:
+ 7 Day login reward ( each day reward could be comprised of Experience, Food and lumber resources,Iron, Stone)
+ Fixed issues for any iOS device including Ap
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Rise of Civilization, Massive Fun strategy Game, Bring your Buddies together!

Hi Guys,   
As i have already introduced myself. Refer to  "introduce yourself thread" plz.   We are group of developers and made a massive strategy online game PVP battle based, http://bit.do/RiseOfCivilization, core fun factor of SLG.   .
We are close to OBT launch of our game  we would love to get support from the TIGsource amazing gaming community! Since the game is PVP based multiplayer battle, we figured this may interest some of you. 
If you are a genuine strategy game player, apply yourself. 
So little about game. There are 8 different civilization to choose from. You are from italy? ok choose the Roman Empire to rule the world again. British right? England empire is there. Love Arab Muslim? Choose Islamic Empire.(Below how

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