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The influence of virtual reality is far more than the game

2016 is the first year of virtual reality in the tech world, where giants such as Facebook, Sony, and HTC will unveil their own virtual reality helmets to bring disruptive changes to the game. In a recent report, the British Broadcasting Corporation technology has pointed out that, in addition to games, virtual reality technology will be able to be widely used in many other areas. 9D VR cinema is also very popular among young people.

“The gaming industry is betting on virtual reality technology, but there are still doubt about how big the player community can be in the content of virtual reality games.” The authors write, “Everest VR” and other games provide players with a very immersive experience, but changing the instantaneous stunning experience to a game playing for several months, absolutely not easy. Whether the core player will welcome this technology, we need more time to observe. In a sense, virtual reality has the potential to resemble the Kinect action

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How to plan functional area in play center?

The drama centre is acceptable for kids from two to 12 years of age. Parents and kids have the chance to learn and interact in various play areas throughout the game. Let us see which operational area could be planed inside.

Play area branch of this drama centre

The drama centre is usually split into a number of different play areas. The most appealing part is construction play matches, it may enhance children's sports abilities, practice crawling and so forth. Children roll, leap, climb and discover new items in each corner, it's extremely excellent to excite children's adventurous soul.

This could stimulate children's imagination and creativity whilst enabling children to take part in physical activities. It may improve kid's hand-eye coordination with a number of visually stimulating images and pleasing acoustics.

Additionally, nursery area is a significant spotlight where kids can break or the mom who wants to nurse their baby.

For children, having a celebration in a drama centre...
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