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When you play a game ,you will need all kinds of game weapons ,how much do you know about game weapons ?My time with Swords of Ditto did suffer from frame rate issues as the number of enemies in the area increased, reaching a point of near-unresponsiveness when encountering over a dozen enemies at a time. This kind of situation didn’t pop up often, but when it did it was easier to just leave the area altogether and come back. Also due to the procedurally generated nature of the game, I encountered a few odd bugs that – while not game breaking – were disappointing as they adversely affected some of my attempts to take on Mormo. On two different adventures, when exploring a dungeon to destroy an artifact that holds some of Mormo’s power – an act that will weaken her in the end – switches were unresponsive in opening doors. On one such occasion ,I was trapped in a room until I rebooted the game and it warped me to the entrance, upon which I tried it again and it still would not open.


While it’s disappointing, I chose to look at it in a more positive light and use it as part of the narrative – not everything can go the way of the hero; why should it be easy? Maybe this time the door simply wouldn’t open and I would have to live with the consequences. Aesthetically, Swords of Ditto is beautiful. It holds an innocent, Saturday morning cartoon vibe with colors that pop and a soundtrack that surprisingly stayed with me when I wasn’t playing – particularly the dungeon music. All of this adorable and cutesy appearance hides the very real fact that this is a game of skill with an overarching time limit to try and prepare for an epic battle. Enemies can do serious damage, and without the right stickers to help, you’ll fall much faster than you think. It’s a challenging game but one that inspires you to try harder; the more you accomplish, the more connected you’ll feel to your hero and the more devastating it will be if you fail.


I could go on about Swords of Ditto and all the nuances it includes: the upgrade system, the regeneration of the town, and so much more, but to make a decision now before the final version of the game releases would be insulting to the creativity and wonder the game provides. Swords of Ditto has a surprisingly rich mythology and narrative which makes the game infinitely playable, a fact I learned the hard way as I have struggled to put the controller down. With some frame rate issues and the odd door bug, Swords of Ditto is shaping up to be a must-have for adventurers, and given that a full week’s playthrough only takes a few hours, it makes this an incredibly accessible game for busy gamers. Here’s hoping Swords of Ditto finds its way onto the Switch where it could truly be at home.



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