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POE Items

In PoE items are very important aspect of the game. Without proper items, characters are unable to survive higher difficulty levels and will die very often due to high physical and elemental damage of the monsters. Some items are foundations for certain builds and without them, those builds would not exist. It is important for new players to understand, what combination of mods are good on items, what are the things that make items expensive. The sooner they are familiar with that, the easier playing the game will be.

There are several item rarity tiers in Path of Exile (grouped in ascending order by rarity) – Normal, Magic, Rare and Unique items. Normal items have no mods on them, only the implicit property the base item has. Magic items can have 1-2 affixes. Rare items can have 3-6 affixes. Unique items have custom modifiers and you cannot add any affixes to them.

Affixes, also called item mods, divide into two groups – prefixes and suffixes. A magic item can have 1 suffx and 1 prefix.

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Poe currency guide for new players

As in every game in the market, there is currency in Path of Exile. For other games it’s mostly gold, but in Path of Exile currency is much more complex than that. Game has interesting system – currency in it is also used for crafting, that means it will never become obsolete as it often happens with gold in other games. Currently there are more than 20 different currency orbs, it is very confusing for newer players and that is why I am writing this PoE currency guide. I will cover all Path of Exile currency items, write down some tips and tricks of using, obtaining and spending them and help you understand the value of each orb and a little about how poe currency trading works.


My tip to new players is – save currency until you reach later point into the game and carefully read about it before using it to fully understand what each piece does.


I have made something like PoE currency exchange guide with each orb’s price in relation to Orb of Chaos, as it is the, let’s say, th

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【Tree of Savior】Latin American Server & Maintenance Issues

On 2015-10-30, IMCGAMES announced that a Latin American server will open to address the issues amongst  Tree of Savior`s users on its servers. The next day, IMCGAMES announced that due to unexpected errors the Latin American server will be postponed until the issue is fully resolved.

In the meantime, we had our first real maintenance in the wee hours of Tuesday EST that promise to fix several known issues. However, when the goddesses open their arms to welcome Tosters to the servers; we’ve found that while we aren’t sure if the promised issues were solved, there are host of new bugs that has the servers up in chaos. Particularly in protest of the Blacksmith’s price raise for repairs, and the price changes which left many Tosters in financial ruins.

Presently, there seem to be an open market for Squires to set up shops in towns, and popular training spots. This Toster will definitely utilize their services until that awful Blacksmith rethink his prices! One of our members, Valkyrie m

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'World of Warcraft' in-game currency is more and more worthy.

Venezuela’s national currency is becoming so irrelevant in the real world it's less valuable than money that only exists in the mythical world.

World of Warcraft Gold in-game currency is now worth nearly seven times more than the Venezuelan bolivar, Fortune reported Monday. The value of the gold used to buy and sell items in Azeroth – the game’s fictional world – was worth only two times as much last August.

As Fortune breaks it down, the U.S. dollar is worth roughly 68,915 bolivar. “World of Warcraft” tokens – used to extend play time or a character’s life – can be bought with $20 or in-game gold. The in-game gold price of a token comes out to 203,035 pieces, according to WoWTokenPrices.com. That comes out to about 10,152 gold per U.S. dollar, according to Fortune.

With that figure, Fortune explains that “World of Warcraft” gold is worth nearly 6.8 times more than the bolivar. And on the black market, it could be worth more than 62 times than the bolivar.

The Venezuelan government has

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This page is a collection of player tips found across various sources on making gold in Elder Scrolls Online, that isESO  GOLD . If you have anything to add please comment below.

Gold is important in ESO as it allows for repairing gear, increasing inventory and bank space, buying mounts, purchasing equipment from other players, contributing to a guild and upgrading weapons and armor. Making enough gold for all of these things can be a little tricky at first.

If you complete quests, kill monsters and explore the land you will generate enough income to make your way in Tamriel but there are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that you continuously build up a solid pool of gold for which to spend when you reach the higher levels and might want some fancy new armor.


Guilds are important to make money through trade. You can buy anything from any Guild Trader however to sell items you must be a member of a Guild. There are several large trading Guilds around which own

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Path of Exile’s War for the Atlas expansion launches on PC

Grinding Gear Games launched the latest expansion for its action role-playing game Path of Exile today. War for the Atlas is available now on PC. It will come out for the Xbox One version later this month.

This is Path of Exile’s seventh expansion since launching in 2013. The game is free-to-play, and that includes all expansions. Path of Exile supports itself with microtransactions, like additional stash tabs and character slots. Players can also buy cosmetic items like pets and armor skins.

Despite its age, Path of Exile is growing. According to Grinding Gear Games, the ARPG saw a 58 percent increase in hours played in 2017 compared to 2016. The constant release of updates and expansions has kept players engaged, and Path of Exile has proved a popular alternative to Diablo III for those looking for something more similar to the classic Diablo II. Path of Exile also adds new content more frequently than Diablo III.

War for the Atlas poeadds 32 new maps for the end-game and a new boss, th

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Picking upForza Horizon 3 game cards quickly

As you’ve likely noticed, just like in real life, doing up your car costs a lot of money. In Forza Horizon 3 game cards are hard to come by, and it can be an exercise in frustration trying to get the credits you need to get that accelerator you want or to pick up that wonderful decal that you love. To help you get around that problem, we recommend that you take a look at some of the finest packages that we have onForza Horizon 3 game cards.

With this, you can get a much easier time of it as you try and get used to driving with all of those new fittings. Rather than trying to fit in a nearly impossible number of hours needed to get the credits that you want, you can invest your time, energy and patience into picking upForza Horizon 3 game cards quickly. It takes about the same time as your average race for delivery, as we send out the credits as quickly as we can to get you hitting top gear as quickly as possible.

We love helping people to make sure they have enough credits to drive with

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The Hidden Gem of FIFA game cards

FIFA game cards: the Ultimate Convenience!Each month, EA Sports makes a range of the absolute most in form Premier League players of the prior month. FIFA 18 Comfort Trade is the simplest way for people who do not desire to devote time on listing cards. If you're booking a Holiday Accommodation venues then request the identical information.

So read this before you choose to give up and purchase a Shark Card. All cards have various stats and appearances. The Tom Brady cards are extremely popular with the collectors and there are lots of versions of the card available.A History of FIFA game cards RefutedIt is possible to earn free WGT credits. Diego Maradona is still one of the biggest names involved with drug related scandal in football. In many countries soccer is better referred to as football, or several other names.

A A red card usually means that distinct player has to leave the game immediately, and cannot take any more role in this specific game. When you first begin playing the g

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Cheap NBA 2K18 items For You

This year, for all fans of NBA 2K18, one of the hardest aspects of the game is the excessive amount of coins needed to build up a quality side. On the court, the last thing that you want to be doing is turning to the bench and playing reserves that cannot cut it at the top level. To avoid you having to make such a decision, though, we can provide you with all the NBA 2K18 Items that you need. Quickly delivered and ready to be used ASAP, these make it easier than ever for you to put together a team nice and quickly, with the choice of the superstars yours the minute you need to make a choice.

With delivery handled in under half an hour, we make sure that the minute your coin request comes through that we have someone on the ball to start moving things around. This allows you to get your investment delivered safely, smoothly and without any kind of delays. If you want to get on the scene and start building that ultimate team, then this is going to help speed up the process and remove so m

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GTAV is the most profitable entertainment product

The above is probably the least surprising headline you'll read on Games Industry.biz all year. And you need to learn about GTAV items.

The success of Grand Theft Auto V is well documented, but a fresh report from MarketWatch offers more insight into the record-breaking impact of the hugely popular game.

The site reports that with 90 million sales worldwide, and $6 billion in revenue, GTA V is the "most financially successful media title of all time". While the report primarily makes comparisons with film, this almost certainly encompasses books, music and other entertainment products as well.

The $6 billion revenues, for example, is far past the $4 billion achieved by best-selling films such as Star Wars and Gone With The Wind (adjusted for inflation, and adding DVD sales to the $3 billion box office receipts).

Even the highest grossing film of all time - James Cameron's Avatar, which made $2.8 billion - fails to match even half the money taken by Grand Theft Auto.

It's not completely

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