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Android Version 1.0.07_3832

[NEW] Pet Collection

  • Collect all the pets from the Kingdom of Lancia by using this new pet directory as a guide.
  • Be able to know what kind of other pets are left to hunt and be collected.
  • You can also check all your current pets collected.

[NEW] Notification System
All players will be notified once you have new achievement finished, mission, VIP and Attendance rewards to be collected, and all other items needed to be collected.

  • Fixed the log in error in some cases.
  • Fixed the text issue in Pet battle.
  • Seed used in adding more chances is reduced in Sub Quest, Duel, Pet battle.
  • Pet Battle can now be set a speed of 1 up to 2X.

NTales   Child of Destiny   2D   Pocket RPG   RPG   epic   nostalg  

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