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Return of Warrior NEWEST server, UP!

Thanks to the hundred thousands of install for our 3D fantasy MMORPG, Return of Warrior! Spreading this great news to all players across the globe which why it droves to open a new server!

  • New Private Server
  • New Server Name: Return of Warrior
  • Great Features for the New Server!

NEW SERVER: > http://rowplayon.com/

Due to insistent public demand, our 3D fantasy MMORPG, Return of Warrior is hereby fulfilling players’ request of opening new server, Return of Warrior – Evolution! Yes, you read it right! ROW opens another server to cater more players. With this, more and more players across the globe can enjoy now playing the game without any hassle. Newest feature it gives are medium drop rates and experience. Join and be part of this growing server community. Less players and considered to be top among others with its great game balancing.

Begin the great journey to Almighty Land to be the best warrior. Battle out and diminish Ak’kans in the Naga spot! Feel the need to eliminate

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A First Idle Game From Tikitap: Oh My Mayor Global Blazes Today!

Tikitap, an independent and innovative game publisher is conquering mobile gaming world as they launch their newest title Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City2 on the mobile device! Their very 'first' idle mobile game that launches today! Get the game now!

November 24, 2017 - Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City2 is a new and first idle game that opens globally! Get your mobile device now and download the game via Google Play Store!

Download NOW: Google PlayStore:  https://goo.gl/Zrz4dy

Oh My Mayor: Touch in the City2 takes you to the ***** world while starting to be the great *****man in the game. Fund your city to yield great and stable revenue. Be the Mayor of your own city! Strategize how you will build your bustling city instantly! Complete challenging tasks, missions and more to collect gr

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[Event.Main] Facebook Milestone

[Duration] Dec 4 ~ 31

500 Likes  20 Diamonds
1000 Likes  50 Diamonds, 2,000 Gold
2000 Likes  100 Diamonds, 10,000 Gold
5,000 Likes  Pet(Mini Bear)
10,000 Likes  300 Diamonds and Elizabeth Pop Stand

#MyPetVillage is having a Christmas Party on Facebook and all #Villagers are invited to attend to claim their Christmas gifts together!

For more details visit their Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/mypetvillagelove/

Download #MyPetVillage Now!
 Google Play: https://goo.gl/5yZmqZ
 iTunes: https://goo.gl/beyDTu

 Events are subjected to any changes.
#MyPetVillage #Christmas #Season #Event

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My Pet Village opens Grand Christmas Event!

Another event offers from My Pet Village! Join now to grand event offer of My Pet Village and take home great perks! The event opens on Dec. 4, 2017, to Jan. 6, 2018! Catch all those events and be sure to join! Invite more friends to get involved!

This the season to be jolly as PivotGames opens another event offering for the cafe and pet-simulation management game entitled, My Pet Village. Santa's reindeer, Rudolf, the Red Nose Reindeer landed to My Pet Village! He got great presents to us as for the kickoff celebration before the Christmas day happens! Don't miss the chance to get those great presents by simply joining to the events listed:

[NEW EVENT] Christmas in My Pet Village!
[NEW EVENT] Adopt Rudolph Pet!
[NEW EVENT] Rudolph Matching Event [Event.Main] Facebook Milestone
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My Pet Village Newest Content Update. Get your game updated!

One of Google Play Editor’s Choices, with half a million downloads and counting, My Pet Village is hereby revealing its newest content update. Get your game up-to-date and watch out for Special Events offering!

A café-management simulation game such as the famous Restaurant City, Pet Society and FarmVille mold into one and reincarnated to the newest mobile game entitled My Pet Village. Get your game updated via Google Play and AppStore!

Build your own Pet Village NOW!

Google Play Store:https://goo.gl/439ZhX

iOS AppStore:https://goo.gl/8A99Vd

Here are the updates Patch Notes:

1. NEW Event Open

- Special Event will start
- Get Ratan-themed using event points!

2. NEW Costume
- Cute new costumes were added to the game!

3. NEW Laboratory System
- New system to use 'Regular Customer Card'
- Use Lina's

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NTales Developer Notes 11.21.2017

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Battle Realms: Bringing Back Good Gaming

There are several games from the 20th century that is really memorable to play all along. One of it is Battle Realms? Do you still remember playing it?

Do you still remember playing this game? I bet you are always after going home, finishing all your tasks at home and even homework just to keep up playing this game. Though an offline game which is to-date mostly seen that game revolves online, this one is for the book. Way back, I was really hooked on this game making me into a serious matter of schooling. My grades are not good. I'm performing low in the school activities as I was really into Battle Realms. The gameplay which is strategy-type will really test how well you can manage your team and defeat opponents. I seriously so much was making more of this game rather than other thi

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Own This Legacy Pack!

Wondering why this wasn’t delivered to your mailbox? Even I was really questioning why this Legacy Pack from NTales: Child of Destiny wasn’t given to us fellow Savior. From the beginning, this is a Soft Launch Legacy Pack. Then suddenly, a few months have passed, the pack wasn’t given yet to think this will be a great help for players to advance to the game. Consider to have those is a big help for the gamer to think that you are not really strong once you start playing any mobile or PC games. This is some sort of like welcoming gift for players so they will take advantage in the game since they are just starting to play.

Official Links:Download the game, NOW!Google PlayStore: https://goo.gl/gtRo5sNTales: Child of Destiny Official Website: https://goo.gl/tVf8r2NTales: Child of Destiny Naver Plug Community Link: https://goo.gl/33Q4PENTales: Child of Destiny Official Facebook Fan Page Link: https://goo.gl/DYPa9DNTales: Child of Destiny Youtube Link: https://goo.gl/29KdBE
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RuleMkr Announces Global Pre-Registration of 2D Pocket RPG, NTales!

RuleMkr, a newest Korean Development Company launched a cute and nostalgic 2D Pocket RPG, NTales: Child of Destiny which was recently opened in the Philippines and Australia. This success reached the worldwide audience and opens pre-registration before Grand Launch commence.

2D Pocket PRG, NTales has opened the pre-registration starting today, November 13, 2017, available for all current and upcoming players from all around the globe. Players who pre-registered will receive a variety of exclusive in-game rewards and items in the free-to-play game exclusively! All players can sign-up within 20 days starting from the start date of the pre-registration!

Pre-register NOW! ➡️ https://goo.gl/VUxxmi

SIGN UP and pre-register with your contact details to win exciting prizes! Successful registrants get

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About NTales: Child of Destiny

NTales: Child of Destiny is a complete take on MMORPG.


The game offers a multitude of battles, exploration, and special features. Enjoy the classic 2D Pocket RPG style! A linear storyline or get distracted with interesting sub-quests. NTales added twists of MMO by implementing Raid Parties, Guild War and PvP. Fighting along your side are adorable and powerful monsters with a PvP Mode of their own! Summon Pets and enjoy various PvE and PvP game modes! Classic hero classes to choose from but a wide variety of class builds to your preference.


Game Features:

·         NEW Content Update: New GAME MODE: Elite Mode!

·         Accomplish impossible missions and side-quests!

·         Gear up your class with great costume, wings, unique equipment and items!

·         Challenging Battle Modes - Boss Dungeon, Infinity Tower, Time Du

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