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Seven lessons for VR journalists, from the people who should know

As soon as virtual reality headsets became accessible, newspapers and broadcasters dived eagerly into it, determined not to be left behind as they were with digital. Three years on and they have produced some of the best work in the new medium. But as VR struggles to generate popular interest, the question remains: is it worth the effort?

A new report by BBC Research and Development editor Zillah Watson for The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism provides some initial answers. Based on interviews with more than 20 VR practitioners in the USA and Europe, including the New York Times, USA Today, Die Welt, ARTE, the Guardian and Sky, the report shows an industry moving tentatively forward – but experiencing doubts about the long-term benefits. The report, which is released this

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The most effective method to Clean Up, Speed Up, and Revive Windows PC

Not just your garments, home, rooms, and storage rooms need to get cleaned, yet in addition your PC. To ensure that they remain at best of their execution, you have to clean up the computerized and physical condition they work. To run them ideally, you have to ensure that they stay free from infections, malware, ransomware, bloatware, and other such contaminations. Here are some straightforward and simple to take after tips are given to enable you in keeping your PC to clean and keep running getting it done. 

Tidy Up the Hardware 

It regards begin with the outside of your machine. Kill the PC and unplug everything. Console and mouse or trackpad are presumably going to be your need whether you have a tablet or a desktop. Next, to continue everything running cool and calm, get inside your PC's case and get the clean out of the fans. On a desktop, to do as such, all you require is a little packed air, yet sadly in the event that you have tablet; it is not all that simple and m...
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This tricked-out R2 Unit lets you become a master droid builder

Maker kit company littleBits has teamed up with Disney to release the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit, an app-controlled modular electronics kit that'll let you – or the kids in your life – build and customise your own R2 Unit and more.The kit comes with a selection of components and a step-by-step guide to help you build a fully functional R2 droid, with customisable colour schemes and capabilities including self-navigation, a remote control Drive Mode and a mobile arm to help it interact with the world. A sound unit means that you'll be able to experience R2's authentic beeps and boops as it follows your instructions.

Building on the skills learned during assembly, the kit and its accompanying app challenge droid-builders to hone their expertise by training their R2 Unit to carry out t

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