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Why 70% of the players to Jedi success assessment? Breakdown associated with chicken to eat 4 sins

A few days did not eat chicken Doctor X to Steam today to "Jedi survival" point distinction. Although Dr . By is also a devoted player of Jedi, but after two passes and several "gods" (open hanging), the unbearable Dr . By was angry to give the "Jedi survival" bad Comment.

"Jedi survival" already has 2 million live users, more than the sum of DOTA2 and CSGO. However in the last month, you will find 63% of the players for it played a negative feedback. Today, Doctor X gave a professional judgment: When the "Jedi survival" official does not solve the following four questions, then your game will quickly be finished!

Focus 1: plug-in flying "Jedi survival" has turned into a god fight

"Chicken" is now the most obvious problem is the proliferation associated with plug-in. Since ancie
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Zombies don’t scare H1Z1 players, nighttime does

H1Z1 players may face the zombie apocalypse scourge, but surviving nighttime is simply too much to ask.

The playerbase associated with zombie survival MMORPG H1Z1 really doesn’t like the dark, according to Daybreak’s Jon Smedley.

Smedley took to Reddit to explain an extremely strange phenomenon: gamers log out of the game in droves when it turns dark. The overall game of course features night and day cycles, but when the developer looked at the information, they found out that most players just switch off the game when the sunlight goes down.

“We perform the game too, as well as we’ve tuned it as best we're able to to be fun and not too dark, but the data is quite stark. We are considering experimenting for a few days without any nighttime on the Cheap H1Z1 Items primary PVP servers (ha
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