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Hello there Ragnaddicts!

And so the waiting game is up! Episode 2 maintenance is here! As to those who are waiting, come join me in the discussion of what's in store for us in Episode 2 + SPOILERS for the Episdoe 3! OMG!

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Tyrael's Upcoming Transformation!

Hi Ragnaddicts!

I have joined a guild raid wherein I got to experience high level boss hunting with Tyrael. It was awesome in the first parts of it, but in the last part where we faced an Owl Baron, things got worse, the team frequently died and we couldn't beat it. I really felt bad when they said that my Lord Knight cannot tank it. That's the reason why I ultimately did a transformation of my Tyrael from being an AGI DPS to a Bash build. And things are really going great! 

So Yeah, here's an update of Tyrael's transformation from AGI DPS to Bash type build! I'm halfway done! 

Enjoy the vid!

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My patreon page is up!

Hi to all Ragnaddicts!

Thank you for all your support ever since I started my Youtube Channel and my MMOsite page! :) 
I really appreciate all your messages and your concerns. :)

I do hope you could channel any donation to my patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/ImmortalMBCG

Here's a video for you guys! 

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MVP Boss Hunting Secrets Revealed!!

Hi Ragnaddicts! 

I'm here to show you a couple of Secrets MVP Pros would understand! 

I know you're gonna love it!


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Ragnarok Online Guardians of Eternal Love (AWESOME MOBILE GAME)

Hi there fellow Ragnaddicts! :)

I'm Marvin, some call me 'Immortal MBCG'. I started my youtube channel 5 months ago to show my gaming experience and to help people make it through games and at the same time entertain them! 

In all my years playing PC games, XBOX, PS games, and mobile games, this mobile version of Ragnarok Online has been the best in my opinion. There are a lot of dungeon based games, turn-based games, and MMORPG that I have played and it gets a little boring in the end. But this one gives me the chills of my high school years and at the same time - I was totally happy with the improvements they've made in the game:
1. Gameplay - the gameplay took the attributes of a mobile game and at the same time has the same spirit of a PC game

2. NO BOTS - botting will never be possible here because of the auto attack feature they gave the characters and the stamina limit.

3. Graphics - TOTALLY awesome! Combined crisp 2D display and 3D action in one game! At the same ti

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