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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday:November 30,1999
  • Location: United kingdom
Favourite Game Type:
Cute Role-Playing Fantasy
Favourite Game Class: Range Others
Like most in games: Grinding to level up


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Insomnia 60 Gaming Festival

M y experience at Insomnia 60. I had the opportunity to try out VR and watch an awesome cosplay show!
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Blade & Soul | Candy Cloud Park

Trying out this months new event that forces players dance!

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Blade & Soul | Secrets of Stratus First Impressions

Sharing my thoughts and opinions on Blade & Soul's major April update.

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Blade & Soul | Celestial Basin NEW Solo Area

Blade & Soul will finally be releasing a new solo farming area which will be located in the South East of Gunwon City. With this new upcoming area (due to release April 12th 2017) I want to share my excitement for the content and also fill you in on the updates!


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