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Bless online Rune System and enchant:

-This system will allow you to remove the rune from the equipment and re-put it to another equipment and continue to benefit from it. 
-Two type Rune:
Offense and Defense.
-And there is four grades:

Synthesis :
-You need 2x same rune.(grade -type) 
-Up to +3 the success rate of enchantment is guaranteed, but further on, you may have a chance to fail and lose everything.
-There are currently no items in the game that allow you to increase your chance of success.

Where you can get runes:
-Elite mobs drop green/white runes.
-Dungeon and Raid bosses
-Weekly Pvp rank.
-Weekly Quests
-World Bosses
-Guild Merchant

You can find more videos about Bless Online:

Bless online rune system   bless online enchant   bless online  

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