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Bless Online - Dungeons and Gameplay (Dungeon Runs)

Bless Dungeon Info:

- Both faction enter a dungeon through a same portal.(it may cause some pvp action)

- Max. 5 man parties.And also there are two "Solo" dungeons.

- There is a "party finder" in game so can search ppl for dungeons

- All bosses drop runes and dungeon points.(We can use them for crafting or can buy something from "dungeon points shops")

- May drops: epic gears and crafting materials.

- Dungeons mechanics really good, i must say that.

Your party members should make right skill builds and should know how to play.

Here are 3 gameplay videos from bless online dungeons.

New 50 level dungeon "Last Boss" (Zeeto Laboratory):

Level 43 dungeon "Last Boss" (Nigraturis):

AndSolo Dungeon 43 level (Monster Arena):

You can find more videos about Bless Online:

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Bless Online - World Bosses

bless online world boss

There are 3 World Bosses in Bless

* Melazaium (Golem)

* Brokadis

* Kuatran (Dragon)

Can participating 2 times in a day and boss changes weekly.

(Exp: First week: Melazaium and next week: Brokadis..)

- World boss is instanced area where pvp possible.

- Have 50 min to kill.

- If cant kill, boss dissappear and players teleport to normal field.

- Raid limited to 200 players and low level characters will be max level.


-Accessories craft materials.
-Random Runes

All players who help to kill boss get rewards and rewards are recived from in game mail.

Here is video World Boss "Melazium" [Golem]:

Portals are:

You can find more videos about Bless Online:
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Bless Online - Realm vs Realm (100v100)

Realm vs Realm (100v100): is a event in game that happens 4 times a day. 100 players from both faction joins the arena.
It doesn't take just 100 players.It depends how many players that participating RvR.
Every arena takes 100 players from both faction (hieron and union). When it reaches the capacity, new arena ll be created.

-Required players to be level 25+ to queue.
-Auto-leveled everyone to the cap max level (on Ru server lvl 50.), so there is some normalization that is occurring.
-There are 2 castles.
-There are three paths to reach the enemy castle (left, right, middle)
-Leaderboards will constantly update during the fight to show  medals (number of enemy players you killed,Assit, Damage, heal, and more things) , and which faction is in the lead.

-There are tree at left and right side.And destroying tree gives points and def buff etc.


-Your guild get "castro point" that can bid for territories.(every 2 week) -

-Guild exp.

-Weekly rating.(Can craft pvp items)
(ll expl...
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Bless Online - 3v3 Pvp Arena (Battleground)

There are two battlegrounds in bless online:

-100v100 (more info!)

-3v3 arena

3v3 Battleground (Arena)

-Can participating anytime.

-No limit

-You can join there with your friends or solo.

-The winning team earn 105 honor, losing team earn 40 honor point.

-"Tab" contains all information about your score(total damage, kill, assit, heal etc)

Here is, a short video:

You can find more videos about Bless Online:

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