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As a new player who reached lvl 50 recently, i'm finding the process of getting into late game (grind) a bit difficult compared to countless other games i played into this stage.
My AP sits at low 400's and i'm having problems finding groups for even 45 dungeons (so i can unlock further 45 dungeons) to grind skillbook drops or even silverfrost mats for my first weapon breakthrough. This is an issue for me when it comes to progressing skills which are still tied to "old" content.

Because the (group) dungeon experience while leveling up was so limited (or non existing), the odds of getting into current (late game) group content and messing up are high.
The early (late game) AP recruitment wall is very visible to even try getting into. Finding clans seems to be an issue aswell given the requirements they ask or maybe it's the lack of patience to get new players "rollin'".
Many dailies are also limited considering recruitment AP requirements and even then, sometimes not even getting credit/drop because others who burst targets down faster than i can "tag".
So, at the moment i'm kind of forcing myself to login and find a reason to play...
With the above said, i wonder if next weeks patch will improve this or if there are other things i could try before i consider myself done with the game.
Thanks in advance. :)

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