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I dont know if it was a bug or if its now a bug in Warmane, but its not procing as it used to. Unless you have a lot Warmane gold on your account, and if you don't have enough, ask R4PG for help, which is the professional Warmane Outland gold seller. This results in Seal and Judgment of Command doing more overall Damage than Glyphed Seal of Righteousness and its Judgment.

This leads to the conclusion that its no longer worth using SoR in most fights as it was before (when we are talking about Best in Slot retri paladin, it might be better to use SoR when u are not BIS, u can test this urself i guess).

At the moment, its only usefull on fight like Profesor Putricide IF u have it glyphed, cos u move and switch targets constantly and SoC has lower Judgment DMG and bugged proc rate when it comes to Soul Fragments and Mote of Anger (made the report, it will hopefully be fixed soon).

When it comes to Lich King, u should, again, use a Faster Hitting Wep + Shield to stack SoV asap in 1st phase and in 1st transition on Ragings. You can easily get more Warmane news and guides on R4PG, which is the best palce to buy Warmane gold online, fast, cheap and safe.

In 2nd phase u should use the same thing to stack SoV on LK asap. After Valks drop down, u should hit Lich King with melee one more time to get the 15/15sec SoV dot on him and instantly swith to Seal of Command. AoE as hard as u can for the next 10-12 sec and switch back to SoV again and refresh ur dot and keep pew pewing.
When it comes to 2nd transition u should stack 5/5 SoV fast on 1st Raging and after its Dead switch to Seal of Command and continue untill u reach 3rd phase.
In 3rd phase use Fast Wep + Shield as said before and ggwp.

RiP Glyph of Seal of Righteousness.

I personaly love Glyph of Seal of Command. Part from the fact that there is no usefull 3rd Glyph when it comes to Retri paladin, GoSoC enables me to prio Divine Storm over Judgment.

Divine Storm hits more than Judgment, Its more important and powerfull when it comes to AoE, and i wont ever go OOM.

When you palying the Warmane game, you may need some help of gold sellers, like R4PG, which is one of the most famous mmo gold sellers in the world, of course, they can offer Warmane gold service to all players.

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