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Things New Players Should Know About Warmane & Private Servers

We know that a ton of you guys prefer playing WOW via Warmane than straight up and we get that. But this kind of thing can be quite daunting for a player who is new to the World Of Warcraft and is hearing players talk about how Warmane and private servers are so much better. Well, today we are talking about common things you need to know about private servers.

They Are Never Perfect

For the most part, you will be able to play Warmane and have very few problems. But this is not an official server so always remember that there can and most likely will be issues every now and again.

False Hype

This one is very frustrating, but once you get into the private server scene. You will notice that new ones pop up quite frequently. Often talking about how nearly all the spells will work and how flawless
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Thoughts On The Lizardman Shaman Changes In OSRS

Ok so we might be a little late to the party, but we recently saw a YouTuber take down Lizardmen in iron man, without the safe spots and also he did it pretty darn easy and it got us thinking about the changes that Jagex made to the Lizardman folk in Old School Runescape. We like to keep an eye on OSRS and make sure that we are offering fellow Runescape players the best and cheap osrs gold! If you like this kind of things then be sure to check out the Old School Runescape Official where you can see all the stats.

To start with, Jagex added in a cave a little while back which is right at the Northern End of the Lizardman settlement. This is pretty darn cool and we actually think the Lizardmen are some of the cooler looking enemies in the game. Anyway, this cave has eight of them in there for
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A Few Thoughts On Warmane Outland!

For many people, once you have experienced Warmane there is no way they can go back to the standard World of Warcraft! Outland is regarded as one of the best and the folks behind it do a ton of work to keep it ticking and adding awesome new things like The Burning Crusade for example. Today though, we want to keep things basic and let you know a few, need to know things about Warmane.

The faction balance is actually pretty good. Some players will tell you that it is pretty outbalanced with a lot more Horde than Alliance, but while there might be slightly more, it is not as uneven as many people will make out.

PVE is actually very good in this. There is always a lot of normals and heroics going on so if you are not the kind of person who likes to interact with a lot of people, you can still h

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Some Great Madden 18 Money Play!

Hey guys we are super excited for you to check out our Madden 18 section where you can buy safe Madden 18 coins for a low price. But today we wanted to share with you some of the best plays you can use to help you get to the end zone.

Strong Close (HB Toss)
This is a fantastic running play that really helps you gain some yards. Your HB can make some good ground by following the opposing blockers to the outside of their formation. Or if the pass opportunity presents itself you can cut inside to receive the ball. This can be quite the devastating play when executed right, especially if you want to make some major yards up the field.
Gun Bunch (Bunch Trail)

Gun Bunch

What we love about this play is that it can be used anywhere on the field, but if you are in the redzone it can really be a game win
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Warmane: Seal of Righteousness was procing from something

I dont know if it was a bug or if its now a bug in Warmane, but its not procing as it used to. Unless you have a lot Warmane gold on your account, and if you don't have enough, ask R4PG for help, which is the professional Warmane Outland gold seller. This results in Seal and Judgment of Command doing more overall Damage than Glyphed Seal of Righteousness and its Judgment.

This leads to the conclusion that its no longer worth using SoR in most fights as it was before (when we are talking about Best in Slot retri paladin, it might be better to use SoR when u are not BIS, u can test this urself i guess).

At the moment, its only usefull on fight like Profesor Putricide IF u have it glyphed, cos u move and switch targets constantly and SoC has lower Judgment DMG and bugged proc rate when it come
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The Need To Know About Character Progression Paths In Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a really fun MMO. Set in a mystical Chinese setting (that is actually inspired by some very popular Chinese books) with some of the best character creating tools we have seen in quite a while. While most of us are having a lot of fun with Revelation Online trying to get as many Revelation Online Imperial Coins as we can. Some people are having a hard time getting to grips with it and doing a lot of complaining about how "hard" it is. Well today we have a simple article telling you the basics of character paths in Revelation Online. If you understand these basics then you will find that the game is much more fun and you are able to build your character to something that you really like and will have a great time playing as.

You will find that you have a much more fun time grinding away if you know when the next progression path and all the cool new skills it offers is going to happen. Revelation Online is actually pretty fair with its progression paths and you are
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