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The Valkyrie is one of the playable classes in Black Desert Online and has a lot of surprising lore behind it!

"The history of the Valkyries is not a long one, in fact, there are hints among the NPCs that the College has been around for less than one hundred years. I theorize that the Valkyrie college cropped up either during, or shortly before the war with Valencia. It appears that they became most prominent after the Kalis Council took over, as some family members of top people on the Council are placed in prominent positions within the College itself.

The College was founded on the principles of the old monarchy, reinforcing that nobility will always be superior to those of a lower class, and though a rich merchant's daughter might have a position bought for her, she will always be seen as beneath her other classmates. This is illustrated in the many conversations you find through out the training ground.

The students of this college are taught more than combat. A Valkyrie is expected to learn a great variety of subjects that one might find at any school, including history, mathematics, geography, and art. If they do not achieve decent grades in these subjects, they likely do not move on to the next level in their training.

Most important, it seems, is the fact that very few students at the school appear to have achieved full Valkyrie status yet. Even the Senior students, who are trusted with training Freshman, have not gained this illustrious title. You can find a couple of them speaking on the matter in the Library, wondering when they will be "real" Valkyries."

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