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Deep Rock Galactic is $24.99 on Steam.  Highly recommended for explorers and with a group of friends.  Can be lots of fun with strangers, but I would not recommend Deep Rock Galactic right now for solo play only.
Exploration in Deep Rock Galactic is varied to keep things fresh (There are enough semi-randomized locations to not
feel repetitive early on)

Four class options forces teamwork and does it well (Some abilities are incredibly helpful and satisfying to use,
like the platform gun or the Zipline gun that changes the map and how you travel through it)

Alien swarms are chaotic and fun to constantly fight against (different locations provide different strategies to fight the
enemies.  Mobs climb all over, including the ceiling)

Destructable environment gives you strategic options (You can mine a tunnel in a straight line to the escape pod instead of running
through winding tunnels)

Reasonable amounts of ammo capacity forces teamwork (You need minerals to call a supply drop for more ammo, forcing you to be
careful with how you use your abilities and weapons)
Enemy mobs will partially clip through terrain and objects (This can be both good and bad considering the alternative.
(By fixing this and forcing the creature to follow terrain accurately, it can create a problem where players can barricade
(themselves from harm and slowly pick mobs off, stretching gameplay up to double the current length and nullifying the chaos
and teamwork.  Leaving minor clipping in for now won't harm the game in its' current state.)

Not enough public games for all types of missions (There are numerous private games, sadly it's difficult to find a public
game for certain missions that are not super popular) (Not a fault of the game itself)
Issues with latency and teleporting enemies (Had an instance where everything melted into the ground and became unplayable)

Deep Rock Galactic   Thomas Soren  

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