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Deep Rock Galactic Quick Review

Deep Rock Galactic is $24.99 on Steam.  Highly recommended for explorers and with a group of friends.  Can be lots of fun with strangers, but I would not recommend Deep Rock Galactic right now for solo play only.
Exploration in Deep Rock Galactic is varied to keep things fresh (There are enough semi-randomized locations to not
feel repetitive early on)

Four class options forces teamwork and does it well (Some abilities are incredibly helpful and satisfying to use,
like the platform gun or the Zipline gun that changes the map and how you travel through it)

Alien swarms are chaotic and fun to constantly fight against (different locations provide different strategies to fight the
enemies.  Mobs climb all over, including the ceiling)

Destructable environment gives you strategic options (You can mine a tunnel in a straight line to the escape pod instead of running
through winding tunnels)

Reasonable amounts of ammo capacity forces teamwork (You need minerals to call a supply dro
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Is Kingdoms and Castles Worth Buying?

Kingdoms and Castles is a strategy city builder that takes place in the middle ages and has you go from a small village to a
prosperous city all while defending your land from raiders and dragons.

Kingdoms and Castles is currently on Steam for $9.99 and is well-priced for the quality you are getting.

If you enjoy a simplified style of city builders, this game will be perfect for you.  If you are expecting a more
advanced type of gameplay, this may be a hard sale.

Solid pricing point at $10
Load times are incredibly fast
No known bugs on my end
Module-type walls that get better the higher they are built. Archers/Ballistas have more range the higher they are
Easy controls
Easily expandable with future content

Lack of an end-game feeling (no real end, just keep expanding and improving)
Fairly basic on general content, game can be completely played out in a few hours
Low replay value, only big change is the randomized maps

Severe lack of diversity in the buildings.  Only one type of bu

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