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Today I wanted to take a second look at the mobile gaming phenoma that is the mobile MMORPG market.  I've speculated in the past about what kind of future this specific genre on this specific platform could hold... but I've long taken the stance that what exists currently... is... well garbage.

It hasn't been to my taste at all.

The thing that I have found odd though is despite my clear feelings about the reasons why I do not enjoy mobile MMORPGs currently- there are still a ton of people playing many of these games and the list of upcoming mobile MMORPGs is staggering: Tera, Black Desert, Lineage, Mabinogi, Runescape, etc..

..even Summoners War is working on a mobile MMORPG..

So after some reflecting.. after some hands on time with what I would consider one of, if not, the leader in the current landscape of mobile MMORPGs- Lineage 2 Revolution.. I think I get it.

It took the 100 hours I spent in Final Fantasy XII's latest remaster and it's automated gambit system to really piece it together.. that while I am not a fan of the autoplay system.. that system itself might just hold an appeal afterall.

Full thoughts can be found below:

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