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At this year's Tennocon, Warframe's own convention, Digital Extremes surprised everyone with the massive announcement of landscapes. A feature and mission type that takes Warframe a step towards being an open world game.

This announcement has resulted in a lot of attention.. especially from ex-players and those who are looking forward to either Destiny 2 or Anthem. Two titles that look to have experiences that have a lot of overlap with Warframe.. and in the case of Destiny 2.. many veterans of the original Destiny really just wanted the game to have these open, non-restrictive worlds... and in case you aren't familiar with Warframe... it's free.

But I feel the implications go further than just being competition for the big boys and I expand upon that thought in the video below:

What are your thoughts on the announcement? Sure, we're excited for something new and cool.. but do you think this will have any sort of lasting impact in other games, in the industry... or even does this change up the grindy nature of Warframe enough to make it something you may revisit.

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