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I know it's incredibly easy to hate on mobile games. Free to play games masquerading as blatant cash grabs that lack any real substance. I know a lot of us who love RPGs and MMORPGs are also incredibly nostalgic for the good old SNES era RPG experiences of the past. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV>VI, Bahamut Lagoon, Robotrek.. need I go on?

Well what if I told you that there is a game where these ideas cross over.. and for a mobile game.. you won't hate yourself for playing it?

That game is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. An online; mobile RPG.. with the 'game as as service' (constant development) thing going for it. For my reasons why I personally play it, check out the video below.

On top of my positive feelings about the game, FFBE is currently having an anniversary celebration making it one of the best times to start playing.. right now!

To add onto this blog post.. since all posts should contain images.. here is Terra and Celes in the updated sprite style of FFBE.


Backup Bae.

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