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It looks as if Ragnarok Online will be launching it's own progression server in the near future. The only indication of time frame so far has been, "soon". This gives players one of, if not the best, jumping in point for the classic RO experience without having the need to go to a private server.

Named Ragnarok RE:START- this release will launch with the game content of only the Rune Midgard Kingdom.. and over time.. further episodes, further content, further areas will be added. I've seen mention of it being on a monthly time table.

This will require completely fresh characters so if you've played iRO before.. your characters will still exist.. just not be playable on the RE:START server.

There is an unofficial write up/FAQ on the warpportal forums I'd link off too here.

I know I'll at least start a character when the server gets launched to see if the magic of Ragnarok Online died when I got older or if it still holds up.

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