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The launch of Albion only is fast approaching. On July 17th we can finally play the game with no wipes- and really give it our all. The team over at Sandbox Interactive has been incredibly patient making sure the release is ready when it's ready and have already hinted at expansions before the game has even come out.

For today I want to briefy go over the, "Guardians of Albion". These are powerful enemies which require planning and skill in order to take down. From what I've seen and read.. this means an Albion equivalent to a raid boss.

Currently there are 5 different guardians and when they die they drop 2 560 tier 6 resources- tied to the element that the guardian is.

Let's take a quick look at the guardians now:

Old White (Hide)

Ancient Ent (Wood)

Rock Giant (Rock)

Enormous Dryad (Fiber)

Ore Colossus (Ore)

I don't want to spoil stuff word for word- but you can tell that there might be some tactics and planning required to take these guys down... and true to form for Albion Online this is all done out in the open world where a rival guild may take the opportunity to kill your group and take the spoils of a guardian for themselves.

People have been asking for more PvE centric content.. raid style content.. group styled PvE content that doesn't amount to grinding.. and it looks like they listened.

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