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Let's face it.. you usually can't play the same games with your boys that you can play with your wife. Language and rage aside you want to enjoy the time you spend with your significant other where we all play a lot of team based games with our friends that can regularly get us worked up and frustrated (re:DOTA.. who takes Invoker safe lane?!?!) that largely leave us at the end of a game session asking ourselves why we even played that last game in the first place.

There is a core difference between a team based game, especially if competitive, and a co-op game. I asked the wife her opinion on the best games she and I have played together over the years.. and I made a list of the best games I thought we had played and I mashed them together to come up with this list of, "The Best CO-OP Games to Play with Girlfriend, Wife or SO".

If you have any great co-op games that you know of and would like to share them; please let me know! We're always looking for new games to mess around in.

Hmmm.. need to add an irrelevant image I think.

Ahh, much better. Take it easy guys.. until next time, peace.

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