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Ashes of Creation is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs of the recent past having built a massive amount of hype despite not being playable in any form. Hype based on ideas- hopefully, transformative ideas aimed at the MMORPG genre.

Well this past week it was playable at PAX West and was one of the sole reasons I decided to crash the convention to get my hands on the game.. and now I have the unfortunate duty of summing up my entire experience with a single word, meh.

It's not that it was terrible, it's not even that it was alright- it's that a game promising so much.. a game that is living from a stand point of flipping the whole genre on it's head.. even their meme slogan of "Make MMOs Great Again".. funnels into this experience which feels like every other ho-hum MMORPG that's out there and the worst part is the singular thing they did different in this gameplay showing was the worst part of the entire thing. Which I don't want to go into too much detail.. but was a spammy quick time event as core gameplay.

For more full thoughts on the experience feel free to check out the video below.. but so far this looks like a wait and see if it gets more fleshed out and while I wasn't too excited for it initially- I can see this deflating a lot of people's hype meter for the game.

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