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There is a lot of criticism thrown around over what has been part of this "Final Fantasy XV Universe"; re-skinned versions of Mobile Strike.. one of the most exploitative mobile games around, a fishing VR stand alone title, anime shorts, CGI film... all this while the base game of Final Fantasy XV felt a little.. undone? Too much icing and not enough cake.

What is hard to see is just how many holes have been filled in the game at this point as many people don't replay games that can take upwards of 100 hours to even see what was fixed or how much has been added- aside from just the DLC. It may not stand as one of the greatest in the series.. but Final Fantasy XV is no longer garbage tier. It's a great game that I would recommend.. but also urge you to wait until early 2018 when it is set to release its PC/Windows version.

We got a rad 4k trailer with information released that many of the NVIDIA addons like Hairworks and Ansel will be part of it.. in addition to a first person mode and all the DLC released so far and the equivalent of a season pass.. this includes the upcoming comrades multiplayer DLC. So for those who like to wait for the game of the year edition.. this is that.

Unfortunately, a game that looks like this game does with a length and scope that it has.. means a large install. We're talking 170gb. So digital downloads beware.. hell, they should sell the game on physical HDD/SDD.

That's not all though- easily the most interesting part is the support of mods that has said is down the pipeline... and even more than that.. this year- we're going to be seeing the pocket edition of Final Fantasy XV. Not a tradition mobile game.. a reskinned gacha.. or something else.. This looks like chibi FFXV. This is set to drop in Autum of this year.. and we'll have to see just to much meat there is to the game as I doubt they fit the entirety of FFXV here.

For some more thoughts on this and some other gaming news check out this video;

If you are looking for just the Final Fantasy XV Windows/PC Trailer:

If you are looking for just the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Trailer:

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