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The folks over at Pheonix Labs, the developers for the upcoming action RPG-Monster Hunter like game Dauntless have provided some additional information in regards to it's monetization methods as well as the founder's packs which included access to the beta.


Tons more information on the different benefits of Dauntless' Founder's Packs can be found here:


While the prices may look steep, especially for a planned free to play game- the thing that seems to have the collective community groaning about is the introduction of not 1 but at least 2 soft subscriptions. Named, Champion Status and Patron Status.



The key part to notice here is that the Patron Status looks to stack with everyone that is in the hunting party. This has led to speculation of that some people may create Patron only guilds or only look for Patron only players to fill up there hunting parties.

These are my thoughts on the entire matter:

What are your thoughts on the Dauntless Founder's Packs? What are your thoughts on Dauntless as a whole? Let me know.


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