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Chronicles of Elyria has had to put forward a bit of a staffing correction after having anticipated a long term investor or publisher would come on board this year.  From 2016 to 2017 the team over at Soulbound Studio had doubled in size but without being able to secure additional support they've had to issue layoffs to be able to sustain the new employees based on sales in the store.

This news comes on the back of the criticism they have faced after dropping SpatialOS midway through development as well as selling the $10 000 Monarch Founder's Packs.  I believe each move they've made has been for the best of the game and their studio and these are the types of things that generally happen behind closed doors- conversations made without people being able to watch and listen.. but in a crowdfunded title aiming for transparency you get to see and watch as the money you so generously pledged is spent on things that don't pan out or are learning experiences.

I think Chronicles of Elyria is a promising title- with very interesting ideas.. I just hate that it is wrapped up in the ongoing toxic crowdfunding structure fighting other upcoming titles for attention.

For more full thoughts on this and other things - check out the video below:

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