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Today we tackle a topic I have reluctantly avoided thinking about directly as I quit MMORPG after MMORPG while still remaining a loyal and consistent (daily) player of a couple mobile games. Now that statement alone may cause people to lose all respect from me as a gamer.. and even if I tell them I cut my teeth on Asheron's Call and Everquest.. it won't be enough.

I'm part of the problem.

The real concerns come from the fact that the problem is not only growing.. but the divide and prejudice towards mobile gaming blinds current users from taking it seriously. Which unfortunately is a problem companies and developers don't have as they see money, market and numbers.

So if I readily admit that most MMORPGs on the mobile are garbage.. will you admit that the idea of Runescape on mobile, a Final Fantasy XI Mobile Reboot and even the upcoming Summoners War MMORPG are things that at the very least; as an MMORPG-head, you should be watching or be interested in.

My more fleshed out thoughts are below;

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