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Albion Online's release has been delayed a few times now but now has a set in stone release date of July 17th- and with that inching closer and closer with each day. It's time I took a bit of time and looked into the stuff that really interests me about Albion Online.. but also about any MMORPG game that I play... the PvP and the GvG content.

Spending any amount of time looking into Albion Online and you can find that the big draws for the game are it's fiercely unforgiving and cutthroat mechanics of full loot pvp and open world PK systems.. or at least zones (which account for half of the map) that allow for that.

As well as an economy that is fueled by loss. Everything item in the game is created by other players from resources they took from the game.. and those items are not permanent and it is not a question of if a player will lose them.. but when.

This leads to a really cool dynamic where PvE minded players, gathering minded players, crafting minded players and PvP minded players are have a vested interest with each other and guilds need to cultivate groups of people that come from every facet as they work together in order to secure land, defend land.. and expand.. hopefully into areas that are rich in resources, close to important areas or with infrastructure built up to either farm crops, craft armor or just a place to call home.

In order to get a better idea of what type of content I could expect when taking part in both PvP.. but also just participating in a guild- I chose to speak with KeRin- a veteran player who has played the betas of Albion Online since 2015, leads a guild in the Black Zone (the harshest, riskiest and ultimately the most rewarding type of zone) and has been so helpful in game that he has the honor of being selected as a chat mod from Albion Online themselves.

It was an audio interview so I'll leave the close to 20 minute video below if you want to hear about the GvG and PvP content from someone who actually knows what's going on.

I want to thank KeRin for taking the time to speak with me.. and until next time guys. Peace.

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