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At this point we've all seen the huge prize pools that different esport titles can muster year after year. Games that usually have you or your team head to head in a clash in real time vs another individual or team.. and while these are great, growing up in the fierce competition that is remaining relevant or being on the first page of WoWprogress or being the top guild on a server has taught me you don't need to specifically attack the enemy.. to have an opponent.

Enter Crusaders of Light and their MMORPG speed raid competition. A time trial of sorts. Fastest time- wins.. and wins big.  $400 000 is on the line for the top place team with no 2nd or 3rd place prize.. winner takes all. The catch- this is a mobile/Facebook Gameroom game.

This is being promoted as part of the launch celebration of the game and trying to get people into these 40 man raid fights to prove that mobile can do it to in a way. This is incredibly interesting because though it was announced back in July (13th, 2017) and we'll have a winner come September 10th.. we don't know if this is going to be a one time thing- we don't know if this garnered enough interest to be able to assume that more of these are in the works.. we just don't know.

Could this set a new precedent in non-competitive competitive MMORPG gameplay? May this be thing that makes you finally join the dark side and download a mobile game?

For more thoughts and more on this and other gaming news for the week.. check out this video:

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