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RIFT Teases Subscription Only Progression Servers

It seems to be an increasingly common thing to look at different server types, progression servers, fresh starts.. and in a move that looks to capitalize on a lot of that and breathe some life into the MMORPG RIFT - Trion has teased the upcoming RIFT Prime service.

This will be an all new fresh start/progression server that will be subscription only with a heavily gutted cash shop.  In the press release it was stated that the only thing sold in the cash shop will be cosmetic.

RIFT at it's height was actually a pretty good game and especially it's end game PvE content was heavily overlooked.  Will something like this allow people to revisit the game in a more polished and controlled fashion without aggressive monetization holding it down?

For more information and thoughts on RIFT Prime and other gaming news tidbits - Check out the video below:

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Chronicles of Elyria Face Layoffs

Chronicles of Elyria has had to put forward a bit of a staffing correction after having anticipated a long term investor or publisher would come on board this year.  From 2016 to 2017 the team over at Soulbound Studio had doubled in size but without being able to secure additional support they've had to issue layoffs to be able to sustain the new employees based on sales in the store.

This news comes on the back of the criticism they have faced after dropping SpatialOS midway through development as well as selling the $10 000 Monarch Founder's Packs.  I believe each move they've made has been for the best of the game and their studio and these are the types of things that generally happen behind closed doors- conversations made without people being able to watch and listen.. but in a crowdfunded title aiming for transparency you get to see and watch as the money you so generously pledged is spent on things that don't pan out or are learning experiences.

I think Ch

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Amazon's Upcoming MMORPG Leaks (Rumor)

Earlier this week a post on reddit showcased a short, less than a minute long clip of an unidentified game.  The post was put into the subreddit for Amazon's upcoming MMORPG, New World and has had people speculating.

The timing of the leak also overlapped with a large email blast pushed out by Amazon's product delivery system if you had shown interest/preordered the game back when it was first teased in September 2016.

I personally hope that this isn't a true leak because I was not impressed and while it's in development if they are making trailers they are probably preparing to showcase this to people and potentially have something playable.. and after seeing even just the few odd seconds of gameplay.. it needs more time.

2021 at least.

For more thoughts on that and other gaming tidbits - check out the video below.

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Pantheon is Starting to Look REALLY Good

I have been loosely following the crowd funded MMORPG Pantheon for some time now.  I generally have a pretty neutral to negative opinion about most crowd funded projects but of every project, Pantheon was my hope, rather than something to get hyped about.  This came almost entirely on the back of some familiar faces working on Pantheon that had worked on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes a while back.

The problem is that up until earlier this week the game has looked... not to mince words... dated and terrible.

Before: https://imgur.com/ljsiGfk

(Uploading images weren't not really working for me for some reason) - It looks much better in action.

But this week we got a sneak peak at the first of many graphical upgrades.

After: https://imgur.com/7Sc0kGX

For more on Pantheon and other assorted gaming news.. check out the video below:

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FFXV Coming to Mobile, PC & Getting Mod Support

There is a lot of criticism thrown around over what has been part of this "Final Fantasy XV Universe"; re-skinned versions of Mobile Strike.. one of the most exploitative mobile games around, a fishing VR stand alone title, anime shorts, CGI film... all this while the base game of Final Fantasy XV felt a little.. undone?  Too much icing and not enough cake.

What is hard to see is just how many holes have been filled in the game at this point as many people don't replay games that can take upwards of 100 hours to even see what was fixed or how much has been added- aside from just the DLC.  It may not stand as one of the greatest in the series.. but Final Fantasy XV is no longer garbage tier.  It's a great game that I would recommend.. but also urge you to wait unti

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The Best CO-OP Games to Play with Girlfriend, Wife or SO

Let's face it.. you usually can't play the same games with your boys that you can play with your wife.  Language and rage aside you want to enjoy the time you spend with your significant other where we all play a lot of team based games with our friends that can regularly get us worked up and frustrated (re:DOTA.. who takes Invoker safe lane?!?!) that largely leave us at the end of a game session asking ourselves why we even played that last game in the first place.

There is a core difference between a team based game, especially if competitive, and a co-op game.  I asked the wife her opinion on the best games she and I have played together over the years.. and I made a list of the best games I thought we had played and I mashed them together to come up with this list of, "T

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