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I Played Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs of the recent past having built a massive amount of hype despite not being playable in any form.  Hype based on ideas- hopefully, transformative ideas aimed at the MMORPG genre.

Well this past week it was playable at PAX West and was one of the sole reasons I decided to crash the convention to get my hands on the game.. and now I have the unfortunate duty of summing up my entire experience with a single word, meh.

It's not that it was terrible, it's not even that it was alright- it's that a game promising so much.. a game that is living from a stand point of flipping the whole genre on it's head.. even their meme slogan of "Make MMOs Great Again".. funnels into this experience which feels like every other ho-hum MMORPG that's out there and the worst part is the singular thing they did different in this gameplay showing was the worst part of the entire thing.  Which I don't want to go into too much d

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How Combat in Dauntless Works

Dauntless is an upcoming online action RPG and one of the newest additions to the underrepresented hunting genre.  Set to enter a Founder's Alpha on August the 18th and currently under a strict NDA- the guys at Phoenix Labs gave myself and a handful of other players the chance to make a video on combat with nearly unlimited access to the technical alpha version of the game.

There are obviously going to be many comparisons to both Monster Hunter and Dark Souls as these are games that utilize the same type of slower paces.. methodical combat.  I went into it and made initial comparisons myself until I had spent a while with it and had done things in game that I can't talk much about because of the NDA.. but I can safely say that Dauntless feels like it's own thing.

The Emberma

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The Guardians of Albion Online

The launch of Albion only is fast approaching.  On July 17th we can finally play the game with no wipes- and really give it our all.  The team over at Sandbox Interactive has been incredibly patient making sure the release is ready when it's ready and have already hinted at expansions before the game has even come out.

For today I want to briefy go over the, "Guardians of Albion".  These are powerful enemies which require planning and skill in order to take down.  From what I've seen and read.. this means an Albion equivalent to a raid boss.

Currently there are 5 different guardians and when they die they drop 2 560 tier 6 resources- tied to the element that the guardian is.

Let's take a quick look at the guardians now:

Old White (Hide)

Ancient Ent (Wood)

Rock Gi

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