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Dauntless Prepares For Open Beta

Dauntless is ramping up for it's next phase, open beta.  Free to play and wipes are on the horizon, get ready.

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New MMORPGs in 2018 That Are Actually Coming Out

I got so frustrated going from place to place checking out lists of MMORPGS COMING OUT IN 2018!!!.. only to find that 90% of them have no chance of coming out this year.

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Dauntless Sees Major Updates

As Dauntless makes its way through it's closed beta it's been seeing some slow and steady changes but at the end of December they pushed forth a huge update that on top of adding a new weapon- some new behemoths and damage numbers.. really decided to revamp both the progression system and most of the customization systems attached to weapons and armor.

It's taken me a few weeks but I've finally be able to mess around with most of the new stuff - fight the new behemoths and also get a feel for how the changes and stuff work and figure out how I feel about them.. and my more complete thoughts can be found below.

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