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Black Desert Teases Mobile Version

Pearl Abyss today released a teaser for their upcoming mobile version of Black Desert which looks much better than it has any right being.  The teaser is only 30 seconds long but shows signs of fishing and other life skills, pvp and grinding as well as world bosses with multiple other characters there.

There isn't a ton more information about it as of yet but it's definitely something to keep an eye on.  For a look at the teaser and my thoughts as well as some other gaming news; check out the video below.

For just the official teaser trailer online:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Check out more of me:

YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/fevirgaming

TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/fevirtv


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Are Mobile MMORPGs the Future

Today we tackle a topic I have reluctantly avoided thinking about directly as I quit MMORPG after MMORPG while still remaining a loyal and consistent (daily) player of a couple mobile games.  Now that statement alone may cause people to lose all respect from me as a gamer.. and even if I tell them I cut my teeth on Asheron's Call and Everquest.. it won't be enough.

I'm part of the problem.

The real concerns come from the fact that the problem is not only growing.. but the divide and prejudice towards mobile gaming blinds current users from taking it seriously.  Which unfortunately is a problem companies and developers don't have as they see money, market and numbers.

So if I readily admit that most MMORPGs on the mobile are garbage.. will you admit that the idea of Runescap

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How Combat in Dauntless Works

Dauntless is an upcoming online action RPG and one of the newest additions to the underrepresented hunting genre.  Set to enter a Founder's Alpha on August the 18th and currently under a strict NDA- the guys at Phoenix Labs gave myself and a handful of other players the chance to make a video on combat with nearly unlimited access to the technical alpha version of the game.

There are obviously going to be many comparisons to both Monster Hunter and Dark Souls as these are games that utilize the same type of slower paces.. methodical combat.  I went into it and made initial comparisons myself until I had spent a while with it and had done things in game that I can't talk much about because of the NDA.. but I can safely say that Dauntless feels like it's own thing.

The Emberma

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FORTNITE Review - Great Game, Can't Recommend It

Is it weird to say that I really enjoy Fortnite.. think it's a great game.. but can not in good conscious recommend it?  Well this is where I'm at with Fortnite.  I have easily put in 60+ hours.. I've enjoyed the time I spent.. and even think the game might have a future.. but would I want to be the one to wish this game on you?  No.  Hell no, actually.

It's a strange mixture of a great playing game.. mixed with some very seedy and uncomfortable ***** practices and game systems that are supposed to support the gameplay.. and not detract from them.

For everything Fortnite does well- it does 2 things wrong.  It's fun to play.. but I feel bad supporting them.  It's a very weird place to be in.  If you want to hear my thoughts in more detail, check out t

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Who Should Play Albion Online?

So it's been over a week since Albion's official release and the early adopters seem to have very polarizing opinions of the game.. which to be honest is to be expected with a game that basically disallows any serious solo player from progressing in a real manner past a certain point and requiring players to... work together... in an MMORPG.

Weird concept by today's standards.

Among the different types of criticism and praise that have come forth we hear things about the game being pay to win, that it's nothing more than grinding, that the gameplay is stale and obviously.. the graphics need some work.  So who exactly is a game like Albion made for?  Who should play Albion Online?

Regardless of my personal feelings about the game.  A game like Albion has a place in th

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Why Open World for Warframe is Important

At this year's Tennocon, Warframe's own convention, Digital Extremes surprised everyone with the massive announcement of landscapes.  A feature and mission type that takes Warframe a step towards being an open world game.

This announcement has resulted in a lot of attention.. especially from ex-players and those who are looking forward to either Destiny 2 or Anthem.  Two titles that look to have experiences that have a lot of overlap with Warframe.. and in the case of Destiny 2.. many veterans of the original Destiny really just wanted the game to have these open, non-restrictive worlds... and in case you aren't familiar with Warframe... it's free.

But I feel the implications go further than just being competition for the big boys and I expand upon that thought in the vide

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The Best CO-OP Games to Play with Girlfriend, Wife or SO

Let's face it.. you usually can't play the same games with your boys that you can play with your wife.  Language and rage aside you want to enjoy the time you spend with your significant other where we all play a lot of team based games with our friends that can regularly get us worked up and frustrated (re:DOTA.. who takes Invoker safe lane?!?!) that largely leave us at the end of a game session asking ourselves why we even played that last game in the first place.

There is a core difference between a team based game, especially if competitive, and a co-op game.  I asked the wife her opinion on the best games she and I have played together over the years.. and I made a list of the best games I thought we had played and I mashed them together to come up with this list of, "T

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What's Good About Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE)

I know it's incredibly easy to hate on mobile games.  Free to play games masquerading as blatant cash grabs that lack any real substance.  I know a lot of us who love RPGs and MMORPGs are also incredibly nostalgic for the good old SNES era RPG experiences of the past.  Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV>VI, Bahamut Lagoon, Robotrek.. need I go on?

Well what if I told you that there is a game where these ideas cross over.. and for a mobile game.. you won't hate yourself for playing it?

That game is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.  An online; mobile RPG.. with the 'game as as service' (constant development) thing going for it.  For my reasons why I personally play it, check out the video below.

On top of my positive feelings about the game, FFBE is currently having an anniversary celebration making it one of the best times to start playing.. right now!

To add onto this blog post.. since all posts should contain images.. here is Terra and Celes in the update

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Upcoming Official Ragnarok Online Classic Progression Server

It looks as if Ragnarok Online will be launching it's own progression server in the near future.  The only indication of time frame so far has been, "soon".  This gives players one of, if not the best, jumping in point for the classic RO experience without having the need to go to a private server.

Named Ragnarok RE:START- this release will launch with the game content of only the Rune Midgard Kingdom.. and over time.. further episodes, further content, further areas will be added.  I've seen mention of it being on a monthly time table.

This will require completely fresh characters so if you've played iRO before.. your characters will still exist.. just not be playable on the RE:START server.

There is an unofficial write up/FAQ on the warpportal forums I'd lin

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The Guardians of Albion Online

The launch of Albion only is fast approaching.  On July 17th we can finally play the game with no wipes- and really give it our all.  The team over at Sandbox Interactive has been incredibly patient making sure the release is ready when it's ready and have already hinted at expansions before the game has even come out.

For today I want to briefy go over the, "Guardians of Albion".  These are powerful enemies which require planning and skill in order to take down.  From what I've seen and read.. this means an Albion equivalent to a raid boss.

Currently there are 5 different guardians and when they die they drop 2 560 tier 6 resources- tied to the element that the guardian is.

Let's take a quick look at the guardians now:

Old White (Hide)

Ancient Ent (Wood)

Rock Gi

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