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Laser Transverse Electric Field

green laser pointer

This technology in the application of the performance of fast, save money, does not depend on any form, can be installed strong, high efficiency and good security. Once the task negotiated, within 24 ~ 36h to complete a single piece of processing. In the commissioning of hardening processing services, the standard range of daily processing tasks is from the small changes in the size of the precision components, until the large pump chassis, rope pulley and hundreds of kilograms of large die for processing. In order to improve component rigidity and reduce component thickness to save material during high quality hardening processes, functional levels such as cutting and quality-free stabilizers are applied. The structural stabilizer is a strong burning laser pointer trajectory th

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Laser Chiller Installation Precautions

green laser pointer

Laser chiller products with cooling effect, the low cost of cooling the characteristics of the installation of the use of 10mw laser pointer chiller before the first requirements of the relevant staff familiar with the equipment performance, understanding the use of common sense, care equipment, serious operation. The following is the chiller manufacturer of laser chiller introduction.

Installation Precautions

for the protection of circulating water pump, no water running!
to ensure that the chiller into the wind, the air passage is smooth, do not put foreign matter into the equipment inside!
When an abnormality occurs, stop the machine operation, turn off the power, feedback to the professionals, and remember that it can not be used.
open the package, check the machine is intact,

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Optical Fiber Transmission Laser

Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is the use of energy fiber, the solid-state laser generated 1064nm laser, through the 3000mw laser pointer coupling technology to the fiber, and then the fiber in the laser through the output mirror to the workpiece surface, to achieve the purpose of welding; Laser, you can use the flexibility of the fiber, so that the laser can be any angle on the workpiece processing, to achieve a multi-dimensional flexible processing; fiber on the laser energy and homogenization of the laser spot energy can be modeled output, and laser Homogenization, so that the laser beam quality is better to improve the quality of welding.

Operation requirements and maintenance: CO2 laser need to adjust the optical path, and the effect of optical path adjustment will affect the cutting quality, so the operator must have a certain skill requirements, and the need for external optical path maintenance; YAG solid laser thermal lens effect is obvious, ; Fiber

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Laser TV Will Warm Home

laser pointer

Childhood when the living room, television is the family exchange, entertainment center around the actor plays an important role, a large family around the TV to see programs, talk about laughter how harmonious. However, with the large-scale popularity of smart phones, traditional living room communication model is destroyed, young people are more enthusiastic about the smart phone brings "mobile life." And now a new living room model, with its unique way of interacting and experience, is expected to once again young people back to the living room. This new model is the big-screen cheap laser pointer TV, its new viewing experience, games and social and other experience, is being sought after by young people.

Regardless of the future OLED, QLED or laser display technology, how t

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