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The Best PvP MMO's (From 1995 to 2017)

With each year it seems MMO's/MMORPG's are receiving less and less funds so I wanted to be able to commence a list for those who enjoy PvP in MMO's, to use to find other quality PvP MMO's that have released in the past as well as a few that are coming next year. Although some are dated they offer absolutely great PvP experiences, and I highly suggest you try all of them if you have not! I would like to know if you think an MMO that did not make this list should be on it. Let me know what are you favorite PvP MMO's! This is the first of a few videos where I dissect which MMO's have the best features such as, Best PvE MMO's, and many many more! Enjoy!!

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Is the MMORPG Genre "Dying"?

On a lot of my previous videos I see comments saying the MMORPG genre is dead, the genre is dying, etc. so I thought I would give me thoughts about the MMORPG genre and it's future. Within this video I cover multiple aspects that relate to the MMORPG genre and where it's heading in the future. Do you think the MMORPG genre is dying? Let me know!! Enjoy!

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Lineage Eternal - Will it Live Up to the Hype?

It's been a long time coming for MMORPG and Lineage fans. With the upcoming first closed beta phase for Lineage Eternal in the east I wanted to discuss a couple of the innovative features that Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance has coming with it. A lot of information is still private but within a couple of weeks we should be seeing a lot of gameplay and discussions showing off what the closed beta has to offer. There are many reasons why I'm excited for this to come to the west, but mainly I want to see how the "Eternal System" will work. On top of the lawless zone within Lineage Eternal and it's dynamic dungeon system there are a lot of things that could potentially become standards if it is done right within Linage Eternal. I also go over where it could fit, especially as a lot of people are looking forward to Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal. I want to know what you think about Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance, and if you think it will live up to hype that it has garnered ov

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How Warframe Has Arisen Over The Years

Warframe has come a far way from it's original release in 2013 and even more so from beta. Over the years it has changed a lot and recently I have been putting some hours into it, and wondered why more people have yet to try it out. A lot that has changed has made it into a very solid game with hands down one of the best game communities out there. If you have yet to give Warframe a try, I suggest you do but I don't want to hype it up too much so it's better to just try it for yourself! Enjoy!

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5 Eastern MMORPG's Needed In the West!

With all of the comments I have been getting asking me to cover more eastern MMO's I wanted to do so but will with future releases if they have an english patch, and if not I will wait for an Enlgish version. I want to cover as many MMO's and RPG's as I can but it's hard with the language barriers. I do though watch many eastern games as they develop and progress and thought I would put together five that really spark my interest and I'm sure many others as well. Have you played or seen any of these eastern MMORPG's?

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The Golden Age Of MMORPG's

Have MMORPG's seen it's golden age or is it yet to come? It's hard to say because we don't know what's in store for the future but the past was a really great time for MMORPG's especially in the early to mid 2000's. In this video I try to show off the highlights over the years and some of the negative things with current day MMO's. Please share your opinion on when you think the golden age is or was

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Is ArcheAge 3.0 Worth Playing/Trying?

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Lost Ark - Will it Live Up to the Hype?

Lost Ark is an MMO that is gaining a lot of hype and I wanted to discuss if the game's hype will work against itself along with how growing expectations could also work against upcoming games. Lost Ark is going into closed beta in Korea on the 24th of August, within the video I also provide some information on what you can expect in the first phase of the Lost Ark Closed Beta.

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Top 8 Upcoming Mobile MMO's of 2016-2017!

I've been getting requests to do a video to show off the best upcoming mobile MMO's, so here it is. Within this video I go over the top mobile MMO's that are up and coming and give you a little taste of what each on has to offer. If you think a different mobile MMO should have made the title then let me know!

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