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By: Pelagato posted at Jul 31, 2012 12:47 pm

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Hey peeps, some of you already know that Update 1.1 Unleashed was released today, adding missions, fixing some bugs and also adding the marketplace!!!! The marketplace is like some sort of Broker, you put an item for sale and that's it... You dont have to wait to get an item and then get undercut at the last minute by another player.

I notice that a lot of people is already cluttering the marketplace in London, unfortunately they are not exactly buying or selling stuff, they are simply doing some serious power trading, without using the chat to buy and sell stuff, its a bit harder to catch someone that is doing this. I know that doing power trading is not exactly against the rules but you still a douche for doing it and causing massive price raise in some items in the game. Just look at the 'Blue Weapon toolkits'!!!!

If you ask me, those toolkits are way too expensive because you need to get the toolkit and the materials, not to mention the glyph toolkit and the runes. I can simply do some Fusang Project missions for a day or two and get a purple item in New York then get the glyph by myself in a dungeon...

The other thing is that some people is already doing what I call 'mindless undercutting'. If you look at the green items, you will see that some of them are very very cheap!!! At some point this can be an issue because if I have to invest 20K to assemble an item and I can only sell it for 11K... My pocket is going to dry out quickly lol!...

The marketplace is very useful but if London is going to be full of power traders all the time, its going to be very difficult to buy something at a legitimate fair price, I better wait until all the powertraders and mindless undercutters go away. Not to mention that is also a good idea to wait for all the prices to settle down.

My recommendation is check out the marketplace, learn how to use it lol... and be gentle with the search button...

See ya later folks, I am going to check the other things in the Update, I heard they added some interesting things in Solomon Island, its time to put Egypt on hold until I check out what is new down there.

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