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By: Pelagato posted at Jan 15, 2013 4:57 am

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RaiderZ is the kind of game that wants to be in two places at the same time, it wants to be classic and it wants to be modern. The game has the standard mmo formulas in it, like the skill trees, your skill bars, the Tank, Healer, DPS trinity, the usual quest hubs and so on… At the same time, the combat is like one of those action games with a pseudo targeting system, dodges and tons of running around.

This game is like a ‘quick burst of cheap fun’, you download the whole game for free and have some fun for a couple of hours. It’s the kind of thing that I get when I dont have anything better to do at the moment. If you really like the game, then keep playing it.

So far, I notice a few things in the game that are worth mentioning. I know that this is not exactly a review but here are a few things got my attention.

Gameplay - Half-Classic and Half-Modern… The game has some of the new concepts, the reticle targeting and its pseudo targeting system, as well as the classes, it’s good to know that we have more freedom at the time of picking up our skills.

At the same time, there are some old concepts in the game, like the friggin quests hubs. After GW2, the idea of doing quests is not the same to me, it feels that the quests hubs are obsolete and back-tracking is absurd.

But again, that is just me. Some other players think that the game contains the best of both worlds, I hope that those players do enjoy their quests hubs… (Guild Wars 2 Haters!)

Another thing is that the blend of dynamic combat and all the skills you get, can be problematic from time to time because I don’t have three hands. How can I cast the “number 9 key” spell, and dodge to the left very quickly while keeping my right hand at the mouse…?

Graphics – Everything looks so vivid, colorful and shiny. The art design looks cool and is not so cheesy like other cartoonish games. I know that the terrain doesn’t look that amazing, like the one in The Secret World, but as a whole, the graphics are pleasing and they get the job done.

What is not pleasing is the friggin font! I don’t know what is going on, but the text in this game is awful as hell! I am serious, its like something is wrong with the text, Look at the numbers in the HP bar...

The font looks so awful... Oh wait! That is Windows 8 fault... Ya right...

Sound – I am going to be very honest here, the sound is average, It’s not bad but it doesn’t have the ‘Oomph’ that I usually need to get my adrenaline up. The music is around average, some tracks are cool to listen but some others are dull.

Social  – There is some people around the place, but the game was released like a month and a half ago and because of that, it looks like the massive clutter fest that usually builds up in the starter areas when a game is released for the first time is gone.

I do see some players around the place anyway, but not as many as I expected, maybe everyone is in other areas… Like the endgame areas lol…

Another  thing is that the game have a bunch of gold spammers, but that is not all, blocking people is an absolute pain!!! Look at the picture below, try to block that spammer with all those lll or IIII in its name, as far as I know, the only way to block is by using a command… There is no right click blocking… I can close down the chat, but that will kill some of the social fun of the game.

Playstyle – For me, the best way to play is with another player, you can go around alone, but its kinda boring to do things by yourself, things go a lot smother if one player takes the agro and the other one do the damage, then you two take turns managing the agro and dps…  Of course that is just my personal taste and style. Dodging attacks and trying to do massive damage at the same time doesn’t go well on me.

From what I heard, the game is about grouping up and killing big monsters and it looks like you will have to get used of that idea from the very start, playing alone is so friggin annoying and frustrating in this game, you will die a lot and expend a lot of time resting and regenerating your character.

I don’t know if I am going to keep playing this game for hundreds of hours, the game is not exactly something ground breaking, but is not bad, you are going to have some fun in it, or you will hate it and get rid of it. After all, it’s free and it only takes a few hours to download. The game combat can be lots of fun, but if you look through that aspect, the game feels like the same game I have been playing since the start of the 21 century.

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