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Planetside 2, is probably the only "Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter" aka MMOFPS. I am saying such thing because is the only shooter that is massive. You can have hundreds or thousands of players in one of its 3 continents. Its not like one of those free shooters with 16, 24 or 32 players per match. After all, we are fighting all over the planet of Auraxis.

Massiveness is the game strong point, you join one of the 3 factions, get into the map and then go where the action is, joining a fight that can last a few minutes or some hours. You can try to spawn in a closer location or you can try to get a vehicle and drive your way to the fray.

No matter what you do, you are in the same map with every other player around the place, you have to move there and you better have a Sunderer with you, if you dont want to walk the whole continent twice, not to mention that a Sunderer is essential if you want to take an enemy base, you cant spam the hot drop feature.

In the game you have to use real tactics and strategies, otherwise your chance of success is going to be very low, rushing in like a Leroy Jenkins douche is not going to help you that much. So you better keep yourself around friendlies and your enemies on your scope. Keep in mind that the bad guys are going to do the same thing to you, so you better be the one to fire first.

The graphics are awesome and they get the job done very well, each continent have their own flora style and landscape, its kinda hard of getting tired of the same jungle because you can jump to another continent and enjoy the snow or the desert. The weapons and the vehicles also look great and the sound effects are friggin crazy! I love the NC weapons, they have so much Oomph!

I know that some of the textures are kinda blurry and fuzzy, but cmon! With all the fireworks that you are going to see, who needs those HD textures in the edge of a rock anyways...

The Social aspect, is very important in this game, since the game is massive, you have to join a squad or a platoon and then move out into the battlefield, if you go by yourself and try to do something glorious in the field like some sort of uber lone wolf... Chances are that you are going to die. As a matter of fact, the game is so boring if you play it alone.

Its good to know that the game have a solid LFG feature that shows up all the squadrons looking for players and you also have this built-in voice system, I know that is a lot better to have Ventrilo or TS but at least you can talk so someone around you without having to exchange server information and client installations, etc...

There is 3 factions in PS-2, the Vanu Sovereignty, the New Conglomerate and the Terran Empire. Each faction have its own unique arsenal with their own design philosophies, you will find out that the VS weapons are very accurate, the NC guns do a lot of damage and the TR is about shooting a lot of bullets. (Accuracy, Damage, Firerate).

Something I really like is the game balance, you dont have one faction beating the crap of the other faction all time, because everyone needs to fight against more than one enemy and you have to fight in more than one battlefront in the same continent and all around the planet of Auraxis.

That is probably why, it is very friggin important to join a squad or a platoon. You need to fight in multiple fronts and you need a lot of people to be effective, so the best strategy right now is to clutter up with your team mates and move out. You will notice that the enemy will do the same thing, which mean one thing... Battle!!! The only thing you need is a good computer, unless you enjoy the lag and low frame rate lol...

Unfortunately, the game have some issues. The first one is that it can be repetitive, I know that we have 3 continents and we can enjoy different landscapes, but in the end we do the same thing all the time, capture the same type of bases all over the map or defend them. Where are the special objectives that had nothing to do with capturing those things...

As far as I know, the Vanu have this strange fixation with some aliens, maybe a few events that had something to do with those aliens will be cool. The same goes with the NC, they try to get their hands on any kind of armament and equipment, they should be able to get some stranded military caches around the map. I know is not a big deal, but right now the game needs some improvement in the 'variation department'.

The reward system and the cash shop, one of the things I notice is that some weapons are so friggin expensive! Sometimes you need 1000 certification points to get a single weapon, not to mention its upgrades. The same goes with some other vehicle equipment and getting CP is a long and process.

If you dont have the CP, then you can buy stuff with real money, but again, they are expensive as hell! 12 bucks and I get a single gun with a little camo customization...?

I dont know, but SOE needs to do something about the CP and the cash shop prices, right now they are so friggin expensive and in the end the new weapons is not very different from the starter ones that each class have.

In conclusion, Planetside 2 is a great game, its an awesome shooter. The game is not perfect but those issues like the lack of variation in what we do and the over expensive cash shop can be fix in the future. As it is, the game is fun to play and you can try it out for free. 

My final score is 8/10... Good game...

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