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By: Pelagato posted at Jan 18, 2013 7:08 am

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Hawken is a fast pace ‘free 2 play’ shooter, its main feature is that instead of shooting from the perspective of a person (yourself), you go around in a mech, destroying other mechs or completing other objectives in one of its four game modes.

The game was also featured in the Nvidia drivers installer some time ago, that probably explains why the game have Physx and a lot of explosion and mayhem, the game really looks good. Awesome graphics, awesome explosions and tons of pew pew, don’t forget that everything sounds so beefy if you have some nice headphones.

The game doesn’t really lacks anything in the graphics or sound department, you have very detailed mechs, a lot of special effects, flying debris and very good environments, I really like how the maps look, they are so futuristic and robotish but at the same time they are not ridiculous. The feeling of the game feels very mature to me and not so childish like other robot games, like the defunct Exteel.

Fear the cookie maker!

Even your first mech is very detailed, you even see the friggin wiper in the front of your cubic cockpit, I know that is just decoration but at least the developers paid some serious attention to the graphical details.

The way you move around is very fluid for a mech, you can dodge enemy attacks, jump, hover in midair for some time, take cover, etc… What really gets my attention is that accuracy alone is not good enough, part of the game is hit the enemy, avoid their attacks, take cover at the right time and shoot at the right time.

The progression is very strange but is also very special, you level up your mechs by using them, the more you use a certain mech, the more benefits and unlocks you will get in that mech, at some point you gain access to a bunch of weapons and equipment for that mech. There are some interesting items in Hawken, some of them are useful and some others are way too useful, in a bad way.

As usual, you will find the cashshop (it’s a F2P game… Of course they have a cashshop), you can get appearance customizations and boosters that will help your progression in the game. Right now, they are not selling power because you can get those items with ingame money.

Boom! Down you go!

You will get to see all of those cool and fun things, if the game matchmaking system lets you, certain issues with the matchmaking and the community can turn all the destructive beauty in this game into an absolute nightmare of frustration.

Right now, I have some problems that are killing me, the match making is not the best in the world, its below average! It’s not very rare to play uneven matches, normally that is not a big deal but the system also have problems finding people to play with, I am playing 3 vs 2 matches way too much. Strength in numbers, but sometimes, we don’t have the numbers.

Click the picture above

Another thing is that the matchmaking system is not very fair sometimes… a level 20 vs a level 3… CMON!!! What the hell is that, his mech is all geared up and I just showed up in the game to get mop over and over again…? That is going to drive away business…

The last issue I have is that some mechanics are downward b*llsh*t. There is some EMP item that will disable an enemy mech… So if you disable an enemy, you can beat the crap out of him and he is not going to be able to shoot back for several seconds… The other one is that someone with homing missiles, is going to end up on the top of the scoreboards…

Level 19 vs a Level 7... Brilliant...!

For the most part, Hawken is a good game, it’s fun to play from time to time, if the issues don’t take away the best of your sanity. I only hope that the devs fix up the issues, if they do, then Hawken is going to be one of the best games ever made for PC, after all, what can I say… Its Mechwarrior on turbo mode and I really like Mechwarrior and all sorts of mechanical things.

My final score is 7/10... The game is fun as heck sometimes, but the killer issues don't let the score get any higher.

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